Brammo’s CEO Talks Empulse (R) Sportbike

2012-brammo-ceo-talks-empulse-r-sportbike (1)

Conversation with Brammo Founder & CEO

Last week, Brammo provided information about the upcoming unveiling of the Empulse and Empulse R electric sportbikes.

These machines, which will be privately unveiled at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles May 8, are expected to break new ground in the world of electric sportbikes. Brammo reports that the new Empulse motorcycles are the first to feature a drivetrain designed and built for a production electric motorcycle.

And with this new drivetrain arrives more performance; the Empulse R, which uses a water-cooled magnet AC motor and six-speed transmission, is claimed to have a top speed over 100 mph, and a range of 121 miles to a charge.

In the video attached above, Brammo’s Founder and CEO Craig Bramscher discusses these two new machines, and other news throughout the world of electric motorcycles.

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