AMA Supersport: Myers Undergoes Surgery

2012 AMA SuperSport

A week after her AMA SuperSport win at Daytona aboard the Suzuki Scoop Fans GSX-R 600, Elena Myers underwent surgery to repair a broken schaphoid in her left wrist.

The 18-year-old California native broke the same wrist almost a year ago during a Supermoto crash, but it was unknown if the schaphoid was fractured during that crash or at a later date, her doctors say.

The break was diagnosed the week before Daytona, which ran two AMA SuperSport races. Although under a bit of pain, Myers took sixth in race 1, and the win in race 2.

Since learning of the broken schaphoid, Myers was working with TKB Sports Medicine rehab specialist Tuan Nguyen, who coordinated treatment of the injury. Dr. Maury Harwood performed the surgery at St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, Calif., Team M4 Suzuki says.

Dr. Maury Harwood says: "The case went great. It couldn't have gone any better. This was probably an old injury she aggravated. We were able to get in and find a sizeable piece of bone. The scaphoid was fixed perfectly with a headless compression screw and we expect it to heal with no complications. Elena should be back on her bike in a couple of weeks."

Tuan Nguyen says: "The surgery went really well. We found the fragment and Dr. Harwood did a fantastic job. He is the best in my opinion and the recovery time is two weeks or less, so we'll work to get her recovered in time for the next race."

Doctors expect Myers to be fully recovered for the next round of AMA SuperSport at Road Atlanta April 20-22.

With the Daytona AMA SuperSport victory, Myers repeated as the only woman to ever win an AMA Pro sprint road race, and also became the first female to win an AMA Pro sprint road race at Daytona International Speedway.

Myers also showed her mettle by testing for two days at Homestead last week, despite the injury, Team M4 Suzuki says.

Elena Myers says: "It bothered me here and there. I thought it was just the aftermath (of the Supermoto crash) but I never thought anything was seriously wrong. I tested at Jennings GP before Daytona and it bothered me. I had a shocking-type pain, a surge. The next day was totally fine and I played 18 holes of golf. Later it started hurting really bad at home and I got it checked out and they found out what was wrong.

"I had a cortisone shot before Daytona. This is my first-ever surgery so it is kinda weird for me. The recovery time is two weeks or less so I'll be ready for Atlanta and I am really looking forward to going there and racing again."

Keith Perry (Suzuki Scoop Fans Team Manager) says: "I think how Elena's handled this reflects on her dedication and the way she's persevered to keep improving.

"Racers have to put up with injuries from time to time and she's shown she can do that and still be competitive. Elena's tough. She'd done great and clearly made strides in the off-season. We're anxious to see her back on the bike the for these next few races because things are progressing well for her."


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