2012 BMW C 650 GT Scooter | Review

2012 BMW C 650 GT Maxi Scooter

BMW has left absolutely nothing to coincidence on the 2012 C 650 GT maxi touring scooter. It’s got it all, from heated grips and seats, including for the pillion, and is probably the most practical vehicle I have ever ridden on two wheels.

Sixty liters of under-seat storage, which is the same as my biggest kit bag that takes a full racing leather suit, a full faced helmet and my toothbrush. In addition to this, the C 650 GT features two glove compartments and a central lock.

If this isn’t enough, BMW’s storage space program could allow you another 50 liters of storage in a top box and a center console bag. Spacious foot boards for both rider and pillion and a large grab rail for whoever is lucky enough to be your passenger. The seat is just as comfortable as the sofa you sit on whilst taking your morning coffee and the seat height a low 30.7 inches (780mm).

The heated seats and handlebars is an optional extra but one not to miss out on as its pure luxury on a cold morning. If carrying a passenger they can adjust or turn off the heated pillion seat themselves using a button passenger side.

The 647cc in-line twin liquid cooled engine is the same 60 horsepower one as found in the C 600 Sport but the GT weighs 26.4 lbs. more. Those extra lbs. for once don’t bother me at all because I know where they are and what extra benefits they have provided.

The electrically adjustable windscreen is made of sturdier material than the manually adjustable one on the Sport and there’s no flapping around when doing high speed on the motorway.

The bigger fairing and exterior gives more wind and weather protection and under-seat storage. The GT is wider and it’s longer but with almost the same good handling as the Sport and in reality it isn’t much slower at all than the Sport. Zero to 60 mphis done in 7.5 seconds which is 0.4 seconds slower than the Sport.

The 62.6. inches (1591mm) wheel base is exactly the same on both. The BMW C 650 GT has big touring mirrors with great overview of what’s happening behind you without having to move your head either way.

The design and build quality is typical BMW upper end touring and sure there’s some cheap looking plastic in the cockpit but it doesn’t let down the overall view of a proper luxury scooter. The instrument console is modern and sharp with an endless list of features. Thinking about it, the only luxury feature I’m missing is a stereo and you wouldn’t usually even go there on a scooter would you?

I tested the C 650 GT on the same roads as the C 600 Sport and in the handling department it isn’t enough in it for me to prefer the Sport simply for the handling and lighter weight. The C 650 GT actually handles really well and isn’t much less entertaining at all. Our test models Platinum Bronze metallic paint job might look a bit slower than the cosmic blue Sport in pictures but that’s pretty much all.

In the city the C 650 GT shines just like everywhere else and its quick enough out of the lights. The in-line twin is perhaps still not as refined as it will be and there is a slight raw feel to it. A little more instant torque I wouldn’t mind because the GT is on the heavy side when for instance turning around uphill.

The ABS brakes are powerful enough but just like the Sport could perhaps be more assertive. As a city cruiser the GT is great and whilst cruising along in comfort you have plenty of time to both keep an eye on the traffic and soak in the cityscape. The C 650 GT belongs just as much to the city as to the motorways and mountain roads.

The GT’s lower seat height is pretty much the only thing better than the Sport for city riding though and the Sport probably edges out the GT slightly here. Both models have a very clean Euro 4 compliant exhaust system.

The BMW C 650 GT use Metzeler Feelfree tires in the same dimensions (120/70-15 and 160/70-15) as the Sport’s Pirelli Diablo Scooter tires. The Metzeler Feelfree is more of a touring tyre with emphasis on durability and all weather conditions rather than all out sport.

2012 BMW C 650 GT Review Conclusion:

The BMW C 650 GT is good at everything but shines in the practical areas of storage space and comfort. The engine is flexible but still slightly on the raw side.

I would definitely choose the GT over the Sport because of its practicalities and the fact that it handles and rides nearly as well as the Sport but in much more comfort. The BMW C 650 GT is a stylish and practical vehicle packed with features that keep a rider happy.

2012 BMW C 650 GT Positives:

+ Practical as very few can match
+ Handling
+ Comfortable in the upper end of luxury scootering
+ Benefits from the BMW touring expertise such as the electrically adjustable windscreen.

2012 BMW C 650 GT Negatives:

– Brakes and a tad on the heavy side


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