Touratech Companero 3-in-1 Riding Suit

Touratech Adventure Riding Gear

There is hot…and then there is Africa Hot. The new Companero suit has been designed by the founder of Touratech, Herbert Schwartz, to meet the demands of adventure riding in some of the hottest places on earth.

Schwarz has completed more than 20 adventure motorcycle rides in Africa over the last two decades. His quest to make the ultimate-adventure suit has culminated with the creation of the Compañero.

The Companero riding suit marks a new chapter in the evolution of textile motorcycling gear. Whether you are riding in 110 degree African desert or a chilly rain/snow mix in Alaska, this suit offers maximum comfort and protection.

The innovative Companero is a 3-in-1 concept (summer, all-weather, casual). It combines the benefits of a summer suit, offering maximum ventilation at high temperatures, with the comfort of a completely wind and waterproof outer suit (that also acts as a casual jacket when off the bike) for colder and wet situations. If desired, the jacket and pants can be zipped together into a one-piece suit for maximum protection.

Tom Myers (President, Touratech-USA) says: "The Cordura Air Flow Technology fabric allows a massive amount of airflow through the suit. When backlit you can actually see the blue light filtering through the fabric much like the air does. Riding in total comfort in the heat of the Utah desert wearing the Companero this summer made me a believer."

Suitable for year-round riding conditions, the Companero is fully equipped with CE-Level 2 pads meeting the highest standards in safety. The suit is available in both male and female sizing and features a variety of handy pockets, ventilation panels and adjustments for a perfect fit and a comfortable riding experience.

Touratech Companero 3-in-1 (summer, all weather, casual) Details:

Companero Summer Suit Details:

The foundation of the Companero system is an airy summer suit. Maximum airflow is achieved with Cordura "Air Flow Technology" fabric on the front and back of the jacket, as well as the legs of the trousers. In very hot weather, the ride will be more enjoyable with the substantial airflow this suit delivers.

This comfortable synthetic fiber is state-of-the-art in terms of its wear and tear resistance properties. The most vulnerable areas are reinforced with a layer of Cordura 2000, a very thick and abrasion resistant material. It’s fully equipped with CE-Level 2 pads that always stay put in the summer suit. Imagine the cool comfort of riding in a T-shirt while having thick CE level 2 protection pads from head to toe. Stay ventilated and comfortable without compromising your safety. The summer suit also features large reflective panels, ensuring good visibility.

There are two large outer pockets on the front and space for a mobile phone on the upper arm. Valuables can be safely tucked away in the spacious inner pockets. A detachable back pocket provides room for the outer jacket.

Companero All-Weather Suit Details:

The second layer of the Companero is designed for use in colder weather or rain. Tailored to match the cut of the summer suit, the all-weather suit fits perfectly over the top of the summer suit. The Companero all-weather suit is 100 percent wind-and-waterproof, yet fully breathable thanks to its three-layer "GORE-TEX Pro Shell’ breathable fabric.

With GORE-TEX Pro Shell, all three layers are bonded together maximizing the flexibility of the fabric making the jacket easy to move around in and comfortable to wear. Large zippers under the arms can be opened to provide ventilation in changing weather conditions.

Companero Casual Jacket Details:

The jacket of the all-weather suit can also be used as a casual coat while off the motorcycle. Waterproof and breathable, it’s a versatile outerwear solution for an evening stroll around town or an excursion off the bike. Since all of the protection pads stay in the summer suit, this outer jacket is lightweight and easy to wear like any other shell-style jacket. An optional detachable storm collar and hood are also available.

Touratech Companero Prices:

  • Jacket System: $1,495
  • Pant System: $995

The Companero Riding Suit is available exclusively from Touratech-USA, at For a video review of the Companero suit by Simon and Lisa Thomas of 2RidetheWorld, visit the Touratech-USA YouTube page.