Dixon Drifts Graves R1 at Willow (Video)


Motorcycle Drifting/Stunt Video

Tyler Kirk Films recently produced the daring video above, which displays three-time XDL Stunt Champion Bill Dixon drifting and stunting a Graves WORKS Project 2012 Yamaha R1.

The video follows Dixon displaying drift abilities at Willow Springs Raceway in California, and shows the YZF-R1 pilot drifting from multiple angles, including from a helicopter. Oh, and there are some girls towards the end…

Bill Dixon says: “When Chuck Graves told me there were no limits to what Graves Motorsports could do, I had no idea he meant it literally. The bike is the epitome of badass.”

Dixon’s favorite part of this video? Passing the Nissan GTR mid-corner in a high speed drift with the helicopter hovering on the outside of the turn.

Chuck Graves (Graves Motorsports Owner) says: “Bill had so much fun drifting the Graves Yamaha, I was jealous. Projects like this are the driving force at Graves. ‘Create without limits’, ‘Strive for 11/10ths’, ‘Give maximum effort’ and ‘Just a bit more’ are the maxims we live by at Graves. I can’t wait for the next project!”

Stay tuned for more insane videos from Tyler Kirk Films.