World SBK | Dosoli Talks New BMW Role

2012 BMW World Superbike

Following a year as team manager for the now-defunct official Yamaha team, Andrea Dosoli begins his second year in the World Superbike Championship as Head of Race Operations for BMW Motorrad Motorsports.

Dosoli arrives in the position that was formerly held by Rainer Baumel after loads of experience managing teams – Hayate Racing Kawasaki with Marco Melandri in 2009 MotoGP, Kawasaki’s last year in the series, Forward Racing in Moto2 in 2010, and the Yamaha Sterligarda team in 2011 World Superbike with Melandri and Cal Crutchlow.

For 2012, though, the 39-year-old Dosoli will be once again reunited with Melandri on the BMW S1000RR, and is responsible for all the major decisions.

Following is what Dosoli thinks about his new postion with BMW, and the 2012 World SBK Championship:

Q. What do you consider to be the major attraction of your role as Head of Race Operations for BMW Motorrad Motorsport?

Andrea Dosoli says: “This project is currently the most exciting and interesting project in the motorcycle motorsport environment because I can see that we have the potential to win, to become a winning team.

“We have a big company behind us, we have the chance to work with experienced and incredibly talented riders, and we are growing into a very strong team. To be part of this project is something I am really proud of, and the reason I decided to join BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

“I believe that together, step-by-step, we can achieve the results we deserve. Representing a company like BMW gives a big motivation to everyone, but simultaneously brings with it big responsibilities for everyone. I would like everybody in the team to be aware of this responsibility. If that happens, the results will arrive automatically. It is nice to wear a shirt with the BMW logo – but when you wear it, you represent the company worldwide. So in all areas you have huge responsibility. Everyone must be aware of this responsibility, and only then can we do all the work required to be successful. To be part of the leadership of this big project is something I am extremely proud of.”

Q. What have been your impressions of the team so far?

Andrea Dosoli says: “My impression is that we have a lot of potential in many areas, but the glue required to bind all these areas is lacking. So I would like to do my part to put all this potential together, and to use this potential.

“I know it is not an easy job, but step-by-step, if we keep the motivation high, we can succeed. To achieve strong results in motorsport all the areas have to be strong. It has to be a coherent overall package. If only one area within a team is weak, you won’t achieve results. So we need to grow as a team, as a group and use our potential to try to improve any weak areas.”

Q. How would you describe your main duties?

Andrea Dosoli says: “I want to be that glue between all the areas by concentrating and to work on the improvement of our team, day-by-day. It could be that there is an issue at the racetrack, where we are facing a problem. Then, everyone has to help to try to fix this. We can achieve results if everything and everybody works well together, and every member of the team looks beyond his own responsibilities. I aim to be the glue which keeps all the areas together and to keep everybody motivated.”

Q. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Andrea Dosoli says: “Honest, serious and motivated.”

Q. What would be your three wishes for the 2012 season if you were granted them?

Andrea Dosoli says: “The first wish would be that every night every one of us goes to bed being proud of his work of that day and knowing that he has given the maximum. I wish that everybody is proud of being part of this project. Then I would like to give BMW and the riders the first win of this project. And my third wish would be that this is just the first step towards even more ambitious projects in future. So I would like to build up a strong team, one able to achieve these important targets.”


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