Hogslayer World Record: 40th Anniversary

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Norton Hogslayer

In 1972, the motorcycle drag racing world exploded with the raucous power of the Hogslayer, a Norton dragster raced by Sunset Motors.

The 300+ horsepower nitro-burning Hogslayer set NHRA records in the mid-seven seconds at 180 mph ranges throughout the early 1970s setting records worldwide and becoming the most famous motorcycle dragster in history.

Experience the excitement of this remarkable historical event through the recently released “Hogslayer” documentary now available on Blu-Ray and DVD at www.hogslayerdocumentary.com .

“Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend” is the true-life story of the dual-engine Norton dragster designed, built and raced by TC Christenson and John Gregory of Sunset Motors in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The documentary chronicles the Sunset Motors Racing Team’s unrivaled innovation and unbridled courage as they faced unyielding challengers throughout the United States and Europe in the 1970’s to capture multiple world championships. The original Hogslayer dragster is presently on permanent exhibit at the National Motorcycle Museum in the United Kingdom.

Please contact producer James Cutting at edgeltd@charter.net if interested in organizing a “Hogslayer” documentary showing near you.

“Hogslayer” merchandise available at hogslayerdocumentary.com.

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or to see the promotional trailer of the documentary, visit the “Hogslayer Documentary” on YouTube.


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