2012 Dakar: KTM’s Marc Coma Biography

MRW KTM’s Marc Coma Bio

As all the great riders, Marc Coma has fuel running through his veins. When he was eight, he would run from his house to the mountain tracks around Avia (Barcelona), something his father and his uncle, two great motorcycle fans, were soon used to see.

The little kid would disappear on a Montesa Cota 348, until he had the first bike of his own: a Puch Cobra 74, which was a reward for his good marks at school.

It was in 1995 when the rider from Avia started to compete in national and world enduro championship, which were his first contact with competition. Nevertheless, Marc had really just one fixed aim: the Dakar. That race where the African desert was the only scenery obsessed the Spanish rider.

The beginning was hard, but after the good level shown in his debut in 2002, Coma entered a year later the KTM team together with Nani Roma and Isidre Esteve.

That year he achieved his first objective, to finish the tough African race with a well-deserved eleventh place. The following year, Coma repeated his role as squire in the team that would eventually win, until he had to retire due to a crash.

He struck his first blow in 2005, when he finished second in the overall classification, and it was on Sunday, January 15th 2006 when Marc Coma finally reached the top of the podium in Lac Rose. He became the second Spanish rider to achieve that feat, a great success that confirmed him in the elite of the specialty when he also became Cross-Country Rallies World Champion.

Nevertheless, that success was followed by two disappointments that he was able to overcome. The first was when he was forced to retirement in 2007 due to a crash suffered after dominating nearly all the race.

The second was the suspension of the 2008 Dakar edition due to terrorist threats. However, fully developed as a rider, Coma was able to overcome those blows by achieving his second triumph in the Dakar in 2009, this time in South America.

That result converted him in the first Spanish rider to win the mythical race twice, signing a new golden page for the national sport. After the controversial penalty in the 2010 Dakar that left him in 15th overall position, the next year Coma recovered his throne. For the first time in MRW livery, the Spanish rider had a brilliant performance and achieved his third victory.

This season, the MRW Red Bull AMV Team rider has competed in the most important races of the specialty, adding three more victories in Cross Country Rallies World Championship. At 35 and with nine participations in the Dakar behind him, Coma is writing one of the golden pages in the international Raids/Rally competition.

That is why this new Dakar edition starts better than ever: Coma will try to achieve his fourth victory, again with the team mate that will accompany him for the second year in a row, Joan Pedrero.


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