Ducati/Tumi: Road to Excellence Webisodes

Ducati/Tumi Video

The CEO of luggage/handbag company Tumi, Jerome Griffith, is constantly riding with his good friend, Gabriele Del Torchio, the CEO of Ducati.

As these two hit the open road, they’re continually in search of "the best" cultural regions through the world. And the best part? It’s all documented for a webisode series called "The Road to Excellence," which are broadcast on Tumi’s YouTube channel.

In the attached video, Griffth and Del Torchio share their passion for riding and tour Spain’s Basque region in search of why this has been a location recognized for its culinary excellence.

Throughout the video, Griffith and Del Torchio pilot Ducati Multistrada motorcycles through the Basque region to explore its status as a gastronomic paradise.

For a look at the Ducati collection of Tumi luggage, click here.


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