Marc Coma Unveils 2012 Dakar MRW KTM

2012 Dakar Prep

With the 2012 Dakar Rally less than three weeks away, many teams and their riders are preparing for one of the most intense races in the world.

As part of these preparations, Marc Coma and his teammate Joan Pedrero were at the MRW headquarters in Barcelona Tuesday morning. Coma, a three-time Dakar winner, and his "water carrier" Pedrero were at the facility to unveil the MRW Red Bull AMV KTM 450 Rally.

During the unveiling, Coma, Pedrero and the MRW KTM team discussed Dakar preprations with media over breakfast.

The MRW Red Bull AMV KTM team says: "Marc Coma and Joan Pedrero will wear MRW's livery for the second year. During this whole year Marc has been 'the best messenger' of the courier company and now it is time for him to do it again in the most important race of the calendar.

"Marc Coma and the Dakar embody many of the MRW brand values: strategy, reliability, demanding, team work, commitment to innovation, proximity, responsibility... After the official launch of the MRW Red Bull AMV Team, Marc Coma will travel to South America for his tenth participation in the race and, together with Joan Pedrero, determined to get his fourth bronze touareg."

The 2012 Dakar will begin Jan. 1 in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and end on Jan. 15 in Lima, Peru. Throughout the Dakar Rally, the riders will complete nearly 5,600 miles, with half of those timed, as they cross South America in 14 stages, with one rest day in Chile. This will be the fourth Dakar completed on the South America continent. Last year Coma finished first behind another three-time Dakar winner, Cyril Despres (KTM), and Pedrero finished fifth.


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