Three New Battery Tender Products to SEMA

Deltran Products

Deltran Battery Tender will show three new technology-based products at the 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA) to be held Nov. 1 – 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth number 10101 located in the Tools and Equipment Hall.

The Deltran Battery Tender Mini USB Charger with input of 12-24V, output 5V 2.1 amps is lightweight, compact and fits into any 12V accessory outlet or car lighter jack. The USB Charger carries a manufacturer suggested retail price of $7.95.

The second new product is the DelTran Battery Tender OBD II Accessory Quick Connect for charging that does not go through the cigarette adapter. Pins on the OBD II connector are the same for any car and will work on any model car. This new product has a suggested retail price of $15.50.

The third new product from the Florida based company is the DelTran Battery Tender Lithium-ion Battery Charger. Battery Tender engineers, in keeping with the trends of the industry, have developed a product that specifically addresses the charging properties for ONLY Lithium Batteries.

Although the charge is regulated differently to charge and maintain a lithium battery, this chargeris programmed with a proprietary Battery Tender microprocessor that will correctly charge the battery, then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode like all of its Battery Tender cousins. The suggested retail price is $64.95.

Evin Prelec (Director of Marketing) says: “The Mini USB Charger is a great convenience product that delivers maximum charging capability with the USB connection that is prevalent with so many consumer electronics.

“We have taken the same product properties and adapted it to our OBD II Quick Connect charger that is standard and the same on all vehicles. This gives the consumer another option to charge the batteries in their personal electronics, vehicle navigation or radar systems.

“In addition, our engineers have developed a lithium battery charging system that maintains the same, simple to use and monitor at-a-glance product design that our customers trust for their lead-acid battery charging needs. I invite everyone to stop by the Battery Tender booth, number 10101 in the Tools and Equipment Hall to view our complete product line of battery charging products.”

For more information contact Evin Prelec, Director of Marketing for Battery Tender, Visit for more details and follow us on Facebook at deltran-battery-tender and on Twitter at Battery Tender.


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