Knox Zero Waterproof Gloves with OutDry

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

British bikers need to gear up to for wet weather, because average autumn rainfall has increased by 5.2% and winter rainfall by 4.3%. This makes British weather the perfect test grounds for stateside motorcycle riders.

Comparing the 1961-1990 average with the period 1971-2000, the British months from September – February are getting wetter, (although the spring/summer season is becoming drier), and this makes waterproof motorcycle gloves more important than ever for anyone planning to ride all year round.

Wet hands aren’t just uncomfortable. Water conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than air and combined with the wind chill factor that means the rider will soon experience difficulty operating the motorcycle controls with his hands.

Modern motorcycle gloves are made waterproof by inserting a membrane between the outer shell and inner lining and although this is reasonably efficient for keeping hands dry, it leaves a gap between the shell and the waterproof barrier, where water can collect, creating an unpleasant wet sensation and increasing heat loss.

Knox pioneered OutDry technology for winter gloves with their Zero, launched earlier this year. Based on a patented lamination process, the waterproof and breathable membrane is bonded directly to the glove’s external shell by the action of pressure and temperature, preventing water from collecting between the outer shell and membrane.

Featuring the dialled-in Boa Closure system that uses a dial to draw ‘side pods’ over the wrist for multi-adjustable closure, helping to eliminate tight spots and restriction to blood flow, which can contribute to cold hands and fingers.

With drum-dyed aniline leather on the fingers and back of the hand, and a tough yet supple goat leather and Amara Grip Pad with silicon for increased feel and grip on the controls, the Zero uses top grade materials.

Protection is also important in a winter glove, as wet and icy conditions can increase the risk of accident, so the ZERO features Knox’s Low Profile Scaphoid Protection System with abrasion Knox Zero OutDry gloves are produced in sizes XS-XXL.

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