Progressive IMS: Kawasaki Design-A-Bike

2011/2012 International Motorcycle Shows

There’s a new feature to join the 2011/2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Shows – Kawasaki Design-A-Bike.

Kawasaki and the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows have licensed an exclusive technology from Lumacoustics to offer an all-new experience for show goers called: Kawasaki Design-A-Bike, which is a state-of-the-art interactive digital wall display that provides motorcycle enthusiasts with a true hands-on creative experience.

The life size display allows users to virtually design their own custom exterior paint and graphics package on a selected Kawasaki motorcycle. Kawasaki will showcase its stylish Vulcan 1700 Vaquero, the multi-championship-winning KX 450F, and the award winning Ninja 1000 as two-wheeled canvases. This new feature will be available at each show.

Chris Brull (Director, Marketing Communications at Kawasaki) says: "The all-new Kawasaki Design-A-Bike feature offered exclusively at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows is cool, state-of-the-art technology that allows customers to better interact with our products.

"We strive to innovate in this highly competitive market, and the new Kawasaki Design-A-Bike system truly delivers. This feature will travel with the 2011/2012 shows, offering a fun and exciting new hands-on experience directly to 500,000 current and potential customers."

How does it work? The Kawasaki Design-A-Bike program was developed to be a fun and exciting experience for visitors at each show. With the use of a wireless digital spray-can, users will choose from dozens of color palettes and more than 10 graphics packages.

The motorcycle becomes the creative canvas and from here users will get to express themselves by selecting and customizing a digitally displayed Kawasaki motorcycle with the exact paint scheme and appearance that represents individual rider preferences. At the conclusion, the user can post it directly to their own Facebook page, send it to their email, and/or receive a print out copy of their artwork.

Kerry Braeber (Brand Director, Advanstar Powersports Group) says: "We are always looking for new and original ways to offer motorcycle enthusiasts something different at our shows that they can’t find at any other motorcycle event. The 2011/2012 tour is going to be one of the most exciting shows we have ever produced. By offering remarkable exclusive and interactive features like the Kawasaki Design-A-Bike program, we are sure to create more energy and excitement than in years past."

The Progressive International Motorcycles Shows will also have an online interactive component with the Kawasaki Design-A-Bike program that is tied in with the Shows’ Facebook page. For users that would like to preview the Design-A-Bike program at home, a Facebook application/widget has been created to allow users to test their creative skills before trying it live at the show.

The Kawasaki-sponsored Design-A-Bike program will be launched at the first event in San Mateo, Calif., and will travel to all shows through February 2012.