BMW S1000RR Vs BMW M3: The Chase

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BMW S1000RR Video

It’s the ultimate epic battle: a BMW S1000RR motorcycle vs. BMW M3 tuned by Akrapovic development partner a-worx.

BMW Motorrad’s international advertising agency, Serivceplan, realized this, and began planning. BMW Motorrad decided on using the creating mind of film director Ryan McManus; now McManus has the task of bringing the S1000RR and M3 together for the ultimate Bavarian challenge in “The Chase.”

BMW describes “The Chase” as a movie which is “part viral, part advertisement, part film trailer – and all action.”

And McManus didn’t skimp on details; they recorded a head-to-head race between the S1000RR and M3, rather than “setting up an artificial, staged situation.”

Ryan McManus says: “We didn’t know ahead of the race who would win. Most people were saying that it would be the bike and I certainly thought that – the bike did start off really well and had a great lead, but then the rain came and it really slowed it down, so we were all wondering: will the car do it now, because the driver was pushing really hard. But the bike had gained too much ground.”

Ryan says he put the BMW S 1000 RR’s win down to its incredible acceleration and the advantage of a long straight on a track which was dry to start off with.

With the movie between the S1000RR and the M3 now complete, Ryan is looking forward to getting feedback. “I had a great time making the film, it was a very cool thing to be involved in. Now I just hope audiences will like it as much as I do.”


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