Total Control: Motorcycle Licensing Class


Motorcycle License

Total Control Training Inc., the creator of the prestigious Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics, announces its first state licensing class-the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic (IRC), in Arizona and Maryland.

This one-day program is for riders who know how to ride but do not currently possess a motorcycle endorsement. Candidates include dirt bike riders, riders operating on a permit, re-entry riders and those riding around without a license-a major problem in many states.

The state of Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration recently approved the IRC as a pilot program to evaluate the all-new licensing class.

The state of Arizona is also offering the licensing class through the Arizona Department of Transportation. With its new enterprise software system, Maryland will be able to compare the accident and fatality rates over time of riders who complete Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curricula with those riders who graduate the Total Control IRC.

As a result of a concerted lobbying effort by the MSF, all state programs (with the exceptions of Oregon and Idaho who use their own unique curriculum) use MSF curricula exclusively for training and licensing new riders.

This lack of any competition has helped prevent any major reductions in accidents and fatalities for new riders nationwide. By comparison there are literally hundreds of driver education curricula available to train new drivers.

Lee Parks (Total Control Training Founder and President) says: “We are thrilled to provide an exciting alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach to rider education. Our programs are optimized for each state’s unique needs and goals, and offer riders a choice in their curriculum provider. We applaud the forward-thinking of Maryland and Arizona for taking this bold step toward safer roadways for everyone.”

Several other states are currently evaluating the IRC program and will be announced when they give the program final approval.

In Maryland the Total Control IRC will be offered exclusively at The Rider School at Howard Community College. T.E.A.M. Arizona will similarly offer the class in Gilbert and other locations in Arizona.

After six hours of classroom and range exercises, students must pass a state-approved skills test to get their license.

Jim Schmidt (Director of the Rider School) says: “Offering a one-day, licensing class that is more challenging than the MSF Basic RiderCourse will draw in many riders that are currently riding illegally.”

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