‘The Great Ride’ on Fox Sports: Buffalo Chip

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2011 Buffalo Chip

“The Great Ride” is an entertaining new motor sports driven television series that explores what excites, inspires and drives Americans.

Produced by Natural 9 Entertainment, the new series is all about adventure, new inventions, must have products, the hottest designs and trends, it’s a high octane mix of information and entertainment.

Jeff Androsky (Executive Producer and Creator who also serves as President of Production and Development for Natural 9 Entertainment. “The series is designed for everyone who loves motorcycles, trucks, RV’s, PWC’s, and are looking for great destinations to explore.”

“We’ve been developing the series for the past two years and now have the perfect partnerships in place to keep the show rolling down the highway. It’s about freedom, adventure and character…if you love America, you’ll love this show…and teaming with Rod Woodruff and The Legendary Buffalo Chip instantly makes THE GREAT RIDE a top shelf production.”

The year 2011 is the 30th anniversary of THE LEGENDARY BUFFALO CHIP where the attendance has exploded, making it the number one place to go during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Called “The Best Party Anywhere,” The Chip has hosted legendary concerts featuring Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Ozzy Osborne, Lynryd Skynryd, Toby Keith, Motley Crue and Bob Dylan to name a few.

Rod Woodruff (Buffalo Chip Owner) says: “We started with a couple of cases of cold beer and some good music, just a little party that’s grown a bit over the years. Being a part of The Great Rideis a natural progression for The Chip.

“We have loyal visitors who are constantly looking for information about good products, new places to go and better ways to get there… but there are so many differing opinions out there on TV and the internet… some good, some not so good, some are just really not that truthful… the show sorts all that out. Everything that’s on The Great Ride is certified by The Buffalo Chip.

“I’ve enjoyed a successful relationship with Natural 9 Entertainment since the first time they included The Chip in a Travel Channel special they produced at The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally back in August 2000.

“The content of the series, the stories we are creating have a shelf life… one or two days, maybe a week… other networks don’t want that, they want generic stories, information so general and not specific that it simply takes the heart out of a good story. FOX SPORTS allows us to always be fresh.”

Carol Sherman (Executive Producer of “The Great Ride” and CEO and President of Natural 9 Entertainment) says: “Today TV viewers want their information fast, they want to be entertained, that’s the foundation of The Great Ride. We offer something no other television series can provide, access to influential personalities and products, plus constantly updated news and information about motorcycles, trucks, destinations and adventure.

“Not only is the television platform of the series timely, our web site and social media platforms are alive with user generated content. We are constantly hearing advertisers and content providers talking about convergence, here at THE GREAT RIDE we not only talk about it… we make it.”

“The Great Ride” premiers Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11pm eastern (10 central) on FOX SPORTS NET (check your local listings for time and availability in your area) and is hosted by Brian Corsetti. Brian has hosted GARAGE MAHAL for D.I.Y., Victoria’s Secret TV for CBS Interactive, and The Paul Mitchell Celebrity Sports Invitational for FOX SPORTS NET.

NATURAL 9 ENTERTAINMENT is based in Burbank, CA and is led by Carol Sherman and Jeff Androsky, creators and Executive Producers of programs: “New Years Eve LIVE!” and “Robbie Knievel LIVE!” for FOX BROADCASTING, “STURGIS: All Access” and “The World’s Greatest Casino’s” for THE TRAVEL CHANNEL, “Reality Remix” and “The Really Awards” for THE FOX REALITY CHANNEL, “Victoria’s Secret: Angels Across America” and “Bootcamp” for VH1, “Mrs. America Contest” and “Chris & Adrianne from Russia with Love” for WE-TV, “Unmasked” and “Elle Macpherson Swimsuit Edition” for NBC, “It’s a Miracle” and “Madcap Magic” for PAX, “The Champions of Magic” and “Making of a Model” for ABC.

THE LEGENDARY BUFFALO CHIP is known to motorcyclists world-wide as the premier entertainment and travel destination held in conjunction with the annual Sturgis Rally each August. Through the universal appeal of freedom, camaraderie, music and motorcycling, it provides its guests with a truly authentic and memorable experience. “The Chip” has welcomed hundreds of thousands rally patrons home to Sturgis, providing the best services, facilities, amenities and one of the top, 9-day concert lineups in the nation for 30 years strong.