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  • BMW Motorcycle Owners’ Group Honors MSF

    BMW Motorcycle Owners’ Group Honors MSF

    BMW Motorcycles

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) expressed its sincerest appreciation to the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (MOA) Foundation, which recently honored the MSF with their Motorcycling Excellence – Corporate Award.

    BMW MOA presented the award to the MSF at the 39th Annual BMW MOA International Rally in Bloomsburg, Pa., in July.

  • MSF: Motorcycling Returns to Jordan

    MSF: Motorcycling Returns to Jordan

    Motorcycling in the Middle East

    After a 27-year hiatus, motorcycle licensing and registration returns to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, thanks to King Abdullah II whose instructions were to establish a non-profit organization to organize motorcycle registration and ownership in the Kingdom and provide a safe and professional training program which resulted in the creation of t

  • MSF Fights Distracted Driving

    MSF Fights Distracted Driving

    Motorcycle Safety Foundation

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is strongly urging all motorists to stop driving while distracted and fully backs April’s national awareness month to combat this deadly highway hazard.

  • Free: Motorcycle Helmet Safety Guide

    Free: Motorcycle Helmet Safety Guide

    Free Download

    Remember the old saying; "If you have a ten-dollar head, wear a ten-dollar helmet?" In this day and age of advanced motorcycle helmet technology I’m constantly amazed how many people are unaware of the importance of protecting the most vital part of the human anatomy; your head.