The Life of Jorge Lorenzo Revealed

MotoGP Interview

Alpinestars recently caught an insightful interview with Jorge Lorenzo, the 2010 MotoGP Champion. In this video Lorenzo reveals many new things about his start in motorcycle racing.

The Yamaha MotoGP rider began his racing career at the very young age of just three and has continued to gain momentum through to the premier MotoGP class.

With the go-for-broke support of his father, as well as his determination and unwavering approach to his training program, Jorge looks to return on his Fiat Yamaha M1 in 2011 to continue his winning ways.

  • 1st, MotoGP World Champion in 2010
  • 2nd, MotoGP World Championship in 2009
  • 4th, MotoGP World Championship in 2008
  • 1st, 250cc World Champion in 2007
  • 1st, 250cc World Champion in 2006
  • 5th, 250cc World Championship in 2005
  • 4th, 125cc World Championship in 2004
  • 12th, 125cc World Championship in 2003
  • 21st, 125cc World Championship in 2002

Jorge Lorenzo explains his life as a never-ending quest for greatness, as he further displayed in 2010 by accumulating 7 poles, 16 podiums, 9 wins, and a record 383 points in 18 MotoGP races.

Now, join us as we unveil a side of Jorge Lorenzo that very few have experienced.


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