TTXGP: CRP Plans 2011 Racing Season

2011 TTXGP Prep

As the 2011 TTXGP season nears, CRP Racing says they can’t settle for second in the electric motorcycle racing series, as the team did in the 2010 European championship.

So for 2011, CRP will launch a new model tagged the eCRP1.4, which is an improved model of the eCRP1.2 used in the 2010 year.

Along with the new electric racing motorcycle, CRP will also "grow the grid" by launching a "Fly and Drive" program for any team wishing to partake in the TTXGP series.

Teams have the option to fly into the venue, get a race prepped bike and run the race. CRP’s race management team will complete all the work to help future teams get a credible, proven bike from a winning constructor with world class support from a CRP "tutor" who will be on hand during the weekend to aid learning.

The inaugural year of the TTXGP was a good one for CRP; Not only did CRP raise the winners’ cup in the TTXGP European championship at Brands Hatch, they placed second in the TTXGP World Final in Albacete loosing out to Muench Racing by 200th’s of a second. CRP Racing are a formidable team and the eCRP is a very fast machine! Well done on an amazing first year in electric racing, what an incredible achievement!

Following is a transcript of TTXGP interviewing CRP’s chief technical Giampiero Testoni about his eCRP and CRP Racing companies’ plans for the TTXGP next year.

TTXGP: How has your pilot found electric racing so far, very different from petrol?

Giampiero: The first time Ale (Alessandro Brannetti) jumped on the eCRP he was mainly surprised about the noise, really different from what he was used to! Then after some practice he enjoyed much more the torque and the "always ready" push out of corners

He also told us that it seems to be easier at the beginning, with no gears, but then it became anyway a challenge to ride the best way, as a 125GP, where the riders need to drive smoothly and leave the bike run at cornering as smoothly as possible. The re-gen braking was useful to help at breaking at corners, simulating the engine brake very useful for riders used to 4strokes engines too. Working with him was very useful to develop the motorbike, he is a strongly skilled professional rider and his contribute was really precious.

We enjoyed the paddock as well, much different from other racing so far".it is still possible to help each other with other teams, somehow, but I guess it is only a matter of time"when the races will be tougher and the game will start to be tougher"it will change and will become more similar to "petrol paddocks", it’s the human nature!

Concerning the motorbike, the eCRP is a motorcycle unique in design, similar in size to a 250cc, and therefore just as agile and easy to drive. It reaches speed of at least 200km/h to a peak torque of 120Nm! It is designed from the ground up as an Electric Motorcycle. Seeing is believing, failing attending an actual race people should try and watch some of the footage that has been loaded onto the web, the performance these machine achieve after so short a development time is phenomenal. The sport and the technology is so new that everyone that has tried the bike is first surprised by how good it is and always loves it!

TTXGP: With a 40 year old heritage rich in motorsport including Formula 1 and Moto GP, what made you want to be involved in TTXGP?

Giampiero: The Electric Motorbike Championship is now a reality and offers a rare opportunity at an epic moment in motorcycling. Entering TTXGP is a chance to make history, very few opportunities arise that can give anyone this. From a PR perspective zero carbon motorsport is very relevant and current; in 2010 the eCRP alone received almost 200 pages of editorials, and was prominently seen in the national press, even reaching the pages of the most popular Italian Sport newspaper: La Gazzetta Dello Sport, reaching over 3 million readers with a full page dedicated to the eCRP! Not to mention the international media and on the internet. For the first year this is really impressive. This blend of technology and marketing expertise are a fundamental tool for promotion of the eCRP and also to all future teams racing the eCRP in the TTXGP or TTX75.

TTXGP: So, I take it from that comment CRP is in the market to provide your eCRP to future teams?

Giampiero: Yes, we plan to launch a "Fly and Drive" program. Teams have the option to fly into the venue, get a race prepped bike and run the race, CRP’s race management team will complete all the work to help future teams get a credible, proven bike from a winning constructor with world class support from a CRP "tutor" who will be on hand during the weekend to aid learning. This will give anyone the option to "try" a season with a fixed rental agreement per round. We see it as a good way to get people to try electric racing.

A lot more information can be found on our website.

TTXGP: In 2011 the TTXGP will be running two classes, the TTXGP and the TTX75, will the eCRP be able to compete in both of these?

Giampiero: eCRP1.4 (eCRP1.2 evolution) will be supremely competitive in the TTX75 class and I think in TTXGP class too.

Specs will include:

  • Racing data acquisition system, data logger and sensor:
  • Sensors front and rear suspension
  • RPM
  • Brake pressure
  • Volt / Amp input and output controller
  • Engine temperature
  • Temperature controller
  • Throttle position
  • GPS: speed, acceleration and trajectory
  • Batteries box 7.5kW / h optimized for racing use (balance weight)
  • New Dashboard-style racing
  • DC motors up to date 2011
  • CAN bus controller to a datalogger
  • WINDFORM 2.0 LX cooling system to improve engine performance

"TTX75" is that class that can be considered as the most suitable one the eCRP as the winning solution motorbike, taking into account the excellent results and timing compared to all other motorbikes of the same weight and power this season.

Even for the "Open TTXGP Class" you can participate with eCRP1.4 as they were introduced, with limitations on weights that exclude many, if not all, competitors this year, we could stay in front, although only a few tenths.

TTXGP: So 2011 will be another busy year for CRP Racing… what are your goals for the new season?

Giampiero: The goal is to promote the electric racing motorcycling and make it a reality and not only a future idea of motorsport. The eCRP is a clear example of how high green technology can be offered to all teams, and to all motorsport industry in general. And that green motorsport is real fun and not just a marketing tool!

TTXGP: Thank you Giampiero, good luck for the new season!