Hermes Yamaha VMAX | Wallpaper

Yamaha Wallpaper

It was the Virago motorcycle that first brought together the pair fifteen years ago. This time it was the Yamaha VMAX one-off display model at the German Intermot Motorcycle Show, that combined the latest Yamaha technological advances with the traditional Hermes Leather craftsmen.

Hermes upholstered all the non-mechanical parts of the VMAX in Skipper buffalo leather. The Yamaha seat, tank, stem, headlight cover, grips, fenders and silencers are all leather covered.

The Hermes tool pouch, housed under the seat, is also specially designed for this motorcycle. Skipper buffalo skin, a naturally waterproof, easy-care, mat leather, is perfect for outdoor use and adds to the VMAX's athletic personality.

Leather upholstered reinforces the sculptural lines of this unique object and underlines its emotional power. The mechanical pieces are also worked to complement the combination of leather and aluminum: the wing mirrors, meters and exhaust are all in brushed aluminum.

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