Suriano Racing Returns to Supersport

2011 World Supersport

The Suriano Racing team, headed by ‘veteran’ engineer Antonio Suriano, is getting ready to return as a key figure in the World Supersport Paddock after a couple of year’s absence.

The Suriano Racing team, based near Rome, is currently finalizing a deal that should see it take part in next year’s World Supersport Championship.

A return to Supersport will also coincide with the team switching from Suzuki to the British manufacturer Triumph, maintaining at four the number of bikes present in the championship.

Once the accord has been finalized, Suriano will then focus on the choice of riders, which will be announced immediately afterwards.

Antonio Suriano says: "I have to admit that the project that has been presented to me is a good one and I am really tempted by the idea of taking back my team to World Supersport with Triumph."

"We’ll try and sign the deal in the next few days and then we will decide on the riders. The aim is to take part in 2011 with two riders and for the moment the only thing I can say is that I’ve reached a verbal agreement with Danilo Dell’Omo and Fabrizio Perotti."