ElRae Morgenthaler Sponsors Jonah Street

2011 Dakar News

Touratech-USA was very happy to get a visit from ElRae, wife of the late Ron Morgenthaler at the Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

Morgenthaler was a Northwest icon for trail access. All trail riders owe him a debt of gratitude, as without his efforts we would have significantly less trail miles available. Sadly, he passed away in August, 2010 after a five-year battle with cancer.

Morgenthaler competed in NorthWest enduros into his 70s, and auto rallies too, with his daughter as co-driver.

Morgenthaler and ElRae were big fans of the African Dakar Rally, and to have a Washington rider, (Jonah Street of Ellensburg) as a top contender in this world-class event provided great satisfaction for Morgenthaler and ElRae.

With that, ElRae Morgenthaler has generously offered sponsorship to Jonah Street for the 2011 Dakar Rally (now held in South America).

To see ElRae Morgenthaler, happy, and healthy, and still involved in the NorthWest motorcycle community, was a most comforting reminder of the man that we all miss.

(Photo: ElRae standing with Jonah after asking for his mailing address).