Shift Siren Motorcycle Jacket | Review

Motorcycle Gear for Women

In a woman’s world, it’s all about fit, style and appearance when it comes to any jacket, especially one designed for a motorcycle.

When first introduced to motorcycling, I immediately began searching for the exact jacket I wanted. After a few weeks, I was finally successful, the jacket being the then-new, 2009 model of the Shift Women’s Siren leather jacket.

Well after hinting to the boyfriend, I got it as a Christmas gift. As soon as I took it out of the package I was in love.

The white jacket with the black accent was classic, and the simple silver Shift logo on the front and back added character. It fit like a glove, even with my curvy shape.

The only feature missing on the older Siren model was vents, and every rider knows how uncomfortable it can get on those blistering-hot summer days. So liking the Siren style, I revisited this past summer in search of something with better ventilation.

While browsing their site I saw the new model of the Shift Women’s Siren leather jacket. This one had vents, so I had to have it! My choices were white or black. Since I already had a white one, I went with the sleek black because girls need variety.

This Shift Siren Women’s Jacket has become my go-to jacket. It’s got a removable/washable thermal vest liner for the colder weather, 1.0-1.2 mm of premium-grain leather to keep me safe, and the features I most needed: custom zipper chest vents paired with a horizontal exhaust vent across the rear shoulder blades for better air flow.

The design of the jacket is low key, which attracts those who love subtle looks. The Shift logo is very plain on the back of the jacket. There is also a silver Shift symbol on the lower right shoulder. Besides adding extra styling, the black piping seams on the jacket are reflective, allowing for greater visibility at night.

My favorite part of the jacket is the inside. It is all black with a purple outlined Shift logo. I wish Shift Racing had incorporated that design into the entire jacket; it would have added a bit more appeal from my perspective.

The Shift Siren Jacket has that sexy sportbike look, but due to its subtle styling, will equally be visibly appealing on a cruiser. Regarding women’s motorcycle jackets, Shift has the lead in this competitive market, especially when it comes to styling. I look forward to seeing what other jackets Shift comes out with.

Shift Womens Siren Leather Jacket Features:

  • Women’s specific articulated design for superior comfort.
  • Removable CE approved EVO-Lady shoulder and elbow armor for impact protection.
  • Dual layer leather in key areas for added protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Custom zipper pullers and snaps for ease of use.
  • Integrated memory foam back padding.
  • Integrated pocket for a back protector.
  • Internal chest pockets for safer storage of your wallet, cell or personal items.
  • Expansion zippers in the waist provide additional room while in the ride position.
  • Belt loop closure for connection to pants.
  • Inset Airprene around the collar provides a soft and supportive lining against the neck.

MSRP: $399.95