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Battery testing just got better. Interstate Batteries introduced its third generation ED-18 battery analyzer to attendees at the Automobile Aftermarket Products Expo recently in Las Vegas.

The ED-183 is also the ideal choice for motorcyclists, and will provide further analysis, including life expectancy. The revolutionary hand-held battery tester now provides additional comprehensive and expeditious battery testing analysis for consumers, dealers and franchisees.

Tom Gray (Interstate Batteries Senior Marketing Director) says: "The ED-18 has been a great battery analyzer for both the consumer and the many technicians we serve at locations across America."

"We have taken the performance of this device to another level with this third generation development. Now, franchisees and dealers will be able to evaluate on a daily basis how the battery analyzing efforts are impacting the sales and service performance of their individual locations."

In less than a minute, the ED-183 provides a printout report for consumers and technicians that includes the data about the life expectancy of the battery and its performance, just as the previous editions of the product provided.

Additionally, with this new version of the Interstate battery analyzer, dealers and franchisees now have enhanced capability to track performance and battery sales activity at their individual locations.

Data gathered by the ED-183 is wirelessly uploaded daily and stored for future retrieval and analysis.

The second benefit of the new ED-183 to technicians is the ability of the device to scan the vehicle identification number (VIN) and store it for easy reference.

The vehicle's battery requirements can be stored and retrieved via this procedure. This is a savings of time and productivity for the technician who, on other testers, must enter much of the vehicle information by hand.

Tom Gray continues: "The ED-183 has transformed the way batteries are serviced and sold using our unique marginality analysis for battery preventive maintenance. Traditional battery testers identify three battery conditions: good, bad and discharged."

"The ED-183 can identify a marginal battery, one that is about to fail. What really makes it unique is it can predict a cold temperature at which the battery may fail to start the vehicle."

This early detection technology is what allows preventive service on batteries. The tool determines the battery's state of charge by digital voltage reading and compares the battery's temperature with a conductance reading in order to identify marginality.

The ED-183 is available to exclusive Interstate Batteries dealers. The new version was introduced to Firestone dealers in September and is being phased into Interstate All Battery Center franchises and eventually to Interstate Batteries dealers.


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