Chicken Hawk Racing Holiday Special

Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing, America’s premier motorcycle tire-warmer designer and manufacturer, is celebrating the holiday season with a super-special offer: buy a set of top-of-the-line Digital Pro-Line tire warmers and receive a pair of Chicken Wrap wheel insulators for free.

The very model used by top motorcycle race teams, the digital Pro-Line are distinguished by their great-looking, aluminized, Kevlar exterior and trick, digital controllers that display actual tire temperature as the units work their magic.

Temperature set point is adjustable with the push of a button, up to 212 degrees. Higher temps make motorcycle tires track-ready, while lower settings are used to maintain optimal temperature between track sessions, limit heat cycles over a tire’s life and safely warm tires of different compounds, including ultra-sensitive rains.

Like all Chicken Hawk Racing motorcycle tire warmers, the Pro-Lines utilize a tough, patented DuPont melt-proof inner liner and Aramid-fiber insulation to keep heat in.

Digital Pro-Line warmers come with a foam-filled, impact-resistant, hard-shell carrying case. They’re available for all popular sportbike tire sizes, as well as 125 GP and dirttrack motorcycle applications.

Complementing these high-tech motorcycle tire warmers are their aptly named Chicken Wrap wheel insulators.

Extremely effective for track-day riders and club racers pitted outdoors, they work in tandem with warmers to help ensure complete heating in less-than-optimum conditions–and even take the chill out of brake components.

These easy-to-install, nylon-covered neoprene wheel wraps are 2mm thick and quickly attach to tire warmers’ hook & loop closures. The front wrap utilizes heavy-duty zippers, which allows it to go over sportbike fenders.

A complete tire-warming solution, the seven-piece ensemble retails for $778 when purchased separately. The holiday-special price of $649 for the warmers and wraps amounts to $129 in savings. This offer is available in limited quantities, for a limited time, from participating Chicken Hawk Racing dealers in the USA.

In 2010, Chicken Hawk Racing helped AMA Pro racers score a pair of national championships, 30 race wins, 86 podiums and 16 pole positions when they were used by Team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki, RMR Bruce Rossmeyer Daytona Racing, Rockstar Makita Suzuki, Pat Clark Motorsports Yamaha, Michael Jordan Motorsports Suzuki, National Guard Jordan Suzuki and Larry Pegram Racing, among others.

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Chicken Hawk Racing Digital Pro-Line Tire Warmers & Chicken Wrap Wheel Insulators:

  • Holiday Price: $649 per set


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