Gerbing: Men & Women Hybrid LT Jacket

Motorcycle Heated Jackets

Motorcycle Riders love Gerbing Jackets’ heat, but they didn’t like disconnecting from their bike’s electrical power to take a break. With the new Gerbing Men’s and Women’s Hybrid LT Jackets, you don’t have to leave the heat back where you left your motorcycle handlebars.

Made from Cordura and styled to flatter, the Hybrid LT Jacket boast ballistic-grade Cordura in the shoulders and elbows, and removable armor throughout. Add in Gerbing’s patented Microwire Heat Technology and you’ll get that soothing blanket of warmth Gerbing’s is known for.

Yet what makes these motorcycle jackets even more special are their Hybrid capabilities. Paired to Gerbing’s optional 12V FlexPack Battery (which fits in its own pocket), the LT Jackets can deliver heat both on and off the bike.

You can plug into the motorcycle, as with any Gerbing’s motorcycle product. Or step off the bike and the power of the FlexPack takes over. Controlled by a 3-position remote control it can deliver up to 3 hours of heat.

Get back on the bike, plug in, and the FlexPack charges up from the bike’s electrical system while you ride. Or if you want, ride wirelessly and just power the jacket from the FlexPack.

On-bike heat, off-bike heat, with on-bike recharging and wireless remote control. And they look great, too. The new Gerbing’s Hybrid LT Jackets and FlexPack Battery Kit. Now you can have it all.

  • Gerbing’s Men’s or Women’s Hybrid LT Jackets: MSRP $299.95 (available approx. 12/15/10)
  • 12V/8Ah FlexPack Battery, Wall Charger, and Remote Control, $189.95 (available approx. early 2011)


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