Valencia Moto2 Test: Banderas J&J Report

Valencia Moto2 Testing

Less than 24 hours after his rookie Moto2 season ended, Kenny Noyes was back at work for 2011. At 10 a.m. sharp on Monday morning, the Jack & Jones By Antonio Banderas rider rolled out of pit lane at Valencia to start testing for next season.

There’s plenty of work to do. The Jack & Jones By Antonio Banderas Moto2 team is switching chassis for the 2011 season, and the first item on Kenny’s todo list was to familiarize himself with the Suter bike and to work on finding a base setting for the machine.

That process was hampered by the extremely strong winds which lashed the Valencia circuit, but by the end of the day, Noyes pronounced himself very happy with the Moto2 results of his first outing on the new chassis.

With just a stock engine instead of the more powerful official Moto2 one, Kenny still managed to get within a few tenths of his best lap time from the race on Sunday.

Noyes now heads home for a well-deserved break, before returning to his tough physical training regime in preparation for the 2011 Moto2 season.

With a strong team around him in the shape of the Jack&Jones By Antonio Banderas squad, and a proven chassis in the Suter, Kenny Noyes will be giving it his all to be a force in next year’s Moto2 championship.

Kenny Noyes says: “I’m really happy, just with the way the bike felt, it’s pretty much what I expected. It’s got some better turning ability, better grip, and it’s just going to be up to us to do an awesome preseason, put a lot of work in to get it right for us. It’s a good base, but to get up to a good level where we can run consistent laps at a high speed is going to take some work.”

“The Suter guys seem like they have a real good attitude, and they were here helping us out the whole time, it’s kinda like they want all their bikes to be up at the front, so right from the beginning we’re going to get a lot of help from them. We’ve got a good base, and we’ll have good development.”

“Right now, I’m going to take a couple of weeks off, just hang out. It’s been a long, intense season. But after that, I’ll start training for next season. I can’t wait for next year to start!”