Motorcycle Commuter

Febiac, the Belgian Association reuniting manufacturers and importers of automobiles and motorcycles, launched a campaign which shows the advantages of commuting on a motorcycle as alternative to a car.

By placing large posters on the back of trucks, Febiac goal is to spark a reflection on the drawbacks of congestion and invite readers to consider motorcycles as an alternative mode of transport capable of reducing travel times as well as traffic levels.

The target of this pro-motorcycle campaign are car users, especially those stuck in traffic jams.

The tag line reads: “By the time you finish reading this, I’ll be long home”.

Besides showing that it takes less time to go home when on a motorcycle, FEBIAC’s intent is contributing to increase road safety by raising the awareness of car users and encouraging them to look out for motorcyclists on the road.

Since in 50% of cases*, the primary accident contributing factor is a human error on the part of the OV driver a consistent safety message is bound to be beneficial to Belgian motorcycle riders.

* MAIDS – Motorcycle Accidents In-Depth Study,