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I love everything about motocross. There are not that many people in the world that can go that fast for that long. The competitive nature of the sport on the track is complimented by friendships that are forged off it, making motocross truly a family sport.

Kids would be hard pressed to get involved in motocross at a young age without the help of their families. I also think it’s the most action-packed, fan-pleasing racing environment in existence.

We are really happy with how things have gone in 2010. In Europe the team was solid throughout the entire GP series and winning the Belgian Championship was definitely a bonus. They finished right where I had hoped at the MX of Nations so I was extremely pleased with that.

Although I am not directly responsible for putting the motocross sponsorship deal together – that would be Mike Kelso, our Marketing Director – I do know that the Geboers name is a very reputable one.

Of course things have been great in the USA. We have been dominating the sport and it starts with our youth policy. The program has to have a breeding ground of sorts and that is our two amateur motocross teams.

We have the Rockstar Makita Suzuki Amateur team then the next step is our Xtreme Rockstar Suzuki Amateur team which is the elite program. From there, when a rider goes from the A class and turns pro, they have a shot to get on our Pro Lites Team; Rockstar Energy Suzuki.

This team under the watchful eye of the Rockstar Makita Suzuki Team Manager allows riders to develop their skills on an Suzuki RMZ-250, giving them the best shot to get on the pinnacle of teams alongside riders like Ryan Dungey. I came from the sport myself and of course can appreciate the entire set-up.

Unfortunately because I am so busy with motocross in the US, Glen Helen was the only Grand Prix I was able to attend this year. However, just seeing the one race I was most amazed with the mechanics area!

The live feed and timing in every team’s booth was amazing! I also like the format with the longer motos because I’m a believer in the hardest-working riders being successful. That’s why motocross is my favorite sport. There is no time to slack off. I really hope to be able to make it over to Europe for another motocross GP soon.

Clement Desalle actually reminds me a lot of Dungey, as I’ve spent a lot more time with Ryan. Desalle is young and strong in the MX1 class but a very nice kid.

I feel like he is solid at the end of races and always a threat for a motocross win. I really like Clement and believe he will have a long successful career. The teams have been great to deal with as well as the riders.

All of the riders seem very appreciative of Rockstar being a big part of the program and enabling them to have everything they need to be successful on the track. I really enjoy working with everyone!

The best part of working with teams like the Rockstar Makita Suzuki and Rockstar Teka Suzuki is their professionalism and reputation. They are respectable teams in every championship they enter.”

James Hanson heads up the affairs of motocross for popular drink Rockstar Energy and has been able to oversee a high degree of success on both sides of the Atlantic with Ryan Dungey taking both AMA MX and SX titles as well as helping Team USA to their sixth victory at the Motocross of Nations.

In Europe Rockstar began its association with the factory Rockstar Teka Suzuki World MX1 team and witnessed Clement Desalle finish second in the World, while Steve Ramon was fifth and proclaimed Belgian Champion.

Both motocross riders pushed Team Belgium to the bottom step of the podium at the Motocross of Nations in Colorado.