Motorcycles: Clean & Green Debate

Clean Motorcycles

"Motorcycles provide an easily adapted platform of modestly simple design that lends itself well to utilizing many different forms of alternative energy. The use of bio fuels, hybrids, electric and hydrogen is coming faster than most of us believe and it will come to motorcycling first!" FIM Vice-President Robert Rasor

The FIM organized a dinner-debate at the European Parliament in Brussels to present the work of the FIM in the field of Alternative Energies and to stress the hidden potential of clean motorcycles.

Welcomed by the Dutch Member of the European Parliament Mr Wim van de Camp, the dinner was attended by representatives of European States and European Commission Officials, representatives from ACEM (the Association of Motorcycles Manufacturers), members of the FIM Alternative Energy Working Group, the CMT President as well as other stakeholders from the motorcycle community and clean technology companies.

Speeches from the FIM CEO, Mr. Guy Maitre, Mr. Giacomo Mattino, from the European Commission, Quantya Vice-President, Mr. Graziano Besana, and FIM Vice-President, Mr. Robert Rasor, underlined the advantages of motorcycles in front of the current issues regarding transportation in main cities, the improvements of clean technologies used in motorcycling and new EU legislation.

The European Commission Deputy Head of Unit for automotive Industry, Mr Giacomo Mattin, outlined the current and future EU legislation supporting the emergence of new technologies.

The FIM's Chief Executive Officer presented FIM's activities for promoting alternative energy in motorcycling sport, with the FIM e-Power series, the first FIM international motorcycle championship with full electric motorcycles.

Mr Graziano Besana detailed the inclusive strategy of his firm Quantya, Swiss manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

The dinner was followed by a lively debate, focusing on the need for political support and incentives to encourage the motorcycling industry and motorcycle consumers to go green.


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