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While sport touring, shorter motorcycle gloves have always been my ideal choice due to comfort, especially in the warmer weather. But I’ve been skeptical of shorter gloves when full-out sport riding due to the lack of protection offered, especially in the designs of yesteryears.

But lately, the new trend in motorcycle apparel manufacturers seems to be designing a shorter glove that matches full-race glove protection, while still providing real-street comfort and style.

These three elements – protection, comfort and style – were instilled in the Shift Volt 3/4 Gloves.

Concerning design, Shift started with a mix of leather and textile, adding a second layer of reinforced padding in the palm. There is also an additional "clarino" panel in the palm, which provides added grip on the controls.

The most noticeable feature on the Shift Volt glove is the reinforced hardened knuckles in case you find yourself skimming across the blacktop. The knuckles have a carbon-fiber look, which enhances the appearance of the six vents surrounded them: three on the index, middle and ring finger, and three on the upper part of the hand.

I’m a glove junky, and believe in replacing them every year or two depending on how much I use them (or abuse them via many hours in the rain or an accident). I always have a few pairs for my various styles of riding, whether sport touring on the Honda VFR, sport riding on the CBR or thumping around on the Harley. But since using the Shift Volt, no other gloves have covered my hands for the last 1,000 miles or so on the street while riding either bike.

In regards to fit, I have a size large, and the gloves were tight for the first day. But by the end of the second day of riding (roughly 300 miles) they broke in, fitting as if they were molded to my hand. I probably could have went with a size XL, but leather stretches quickly, especially when the temps are high. This was my notion, and it was a good one (for a change), and the gloves that initially fit tightly now have a perfect snugness to them.

I enjoy the three-quarter glove over the full gauntlet when carving my favorite canyon roads in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I’ve tried them with a few different jackets, and they fit comfortably under the wrist cuff, allowing additional comfort.

Also, when it’s warmer out, these gloves allow more air to flow onto the body by opening the jacket zipper cuffs. As for the colder weather, they are a bit too vented, but many companies sell under-gloves for just that purpose. 

Shift Volt 3/4 Glove Features:

  • 3/4 style leather and textile glove.
  • Reinforced knuckle for impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Vented finger inserts provide additional air flow and protection.
  • Premium leather palm with 2nd layer reinforced padding.
  • Inset additional clarino panel in the palm for optimal grip of the controls in all riding conditions.
  • Additional padding on the outside wrist of the 3/4 gauntlet area for added protection.
  • Perforated leather panel for added air flow and comfort.
  • Accordion stretch knuckle panels for added comfort and flexibility.
  • Pre-curved finger sidewalls alleviate bunching.
  • Nylon wrist strap closure ensures a secure fit for added security.
  • Embossed Airprene wrist cuff.

Shift Volt 3/4 Colors:

  • White
  • Black

Shift Volt 3/4 Price:

  • $79.95


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