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LeoVince's Forza (Power) Dealer Rewards Program has been continually refined throughout 2010 to offer the most comprehensive sales based rewards program for U.S. dealers.

The latest addition to the program is the inclusion of free 3-day shipping via FedEx Express to any location in the continental US that UPS Ground service does not reach in 3 days.

Rick Marlin (LeoVince's Director of Sales) says: "This new benefit allows LeoVince's self-distribution model to be just as competitive as any major distributor in the market."

The latest program, Forza 2, now encompasses POP displays, free 3-day shipping for qualified dealers and a tiered reward and discount structure to incentivize dealers to stock, and sell all LeoVince product lines including carbon fiber and the upcoming FAST ignition systems.

Tim Calhoun (Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA) says: "We have continued to strengthen our value to our dealer network throughout this year as we have made the transition to self distribution & dealer direct sales. We will continue to grow our product offerings, dealer support and profit building tools to grow our FORZA Dealer Network. Look for no less than five brand new product lines from LeoVince for next year and many more incredible dealer rewards programs."

For more information on LeoVince USA's Forza 2 Rewards Program please contact one of their product specialists at 510-232-4040 or via email at sales@leovinceusa.com.


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