EICMA: Dainese & AGV Innovations

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From November 2-7, over half-a-million visitors will attend the EICMA 2010 Show (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo e Accessori), or better know by English speakers as the Milan Motorcycle Show, the annual trade show in Italy featuring motorcycles and motorcycling gear.

Dainese and AGV have reported that they will be at the EICMA 2010 Show for the presentation of two very important technological advancements.

They return to EICMA for the 68th edition of the International Motorcycle Show to provide a preview of the research projects that are the driving force behind the company's safety innovation for the next few years.

The Dainese and AGV display will be entirely dedicated to these two motorcycle safety apparel projects: 1) the D-Air airbag for motorcycle riders, 2) and AGV Standards, an authentic revolution in the motorcycle helmet design and creation process.

The display for the D-Air project will host both the "Racing" version, which will be officially presented, as it is now ready for a much-anticipated market launch, and the "Street" version, which the prototypes are in an advanced state of development but not quite ready for primetime.

Show visitors will be shown the biggest steps in the D-Air evolutionary process that began back in the year 2000, including the different prototypes that have finally led to the final product, soon to go on sale.

AGV will be presenting AGV Standards, the innovative helmet design method that allows motorcycle helmets be literally constructed around the wearer's head thanks to the accurate scanning of his or her head (cranium), with the end results leading to improved comfort and safety.

You can visit Dainese at display P20 in the Hall 2 section of EICMA 2010 Motorcycle Show.


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