Infineon Supermoto: Ryan Kearns iReport


Ryan Kearns gives you the inside scoop from Round 5 of the Supermoto USA Series.

Two months was way too long to go without a supermoto race, so needless to say I was ready and on a mission. The race was at Infineon Raceway, Calif., which is one of my favorite tracks. It was a one day event so it was an action packed event.

First race up was the 250 class and by far one of the most exciting. I rode hard and claimed a first place finish that went all the way down to the wire.

Second race was the 450 class. I didn't quite get the start I wanted but stayed focused and finished 1st in the heat. In the Main I got another really bad start and even though I rode to the best of my ability, I ended up with a 3rd place finish.

The third race was Pro-Unlimited which is by far my favorite class as it always makes me ride my hardest. I battled with one of the top-ten supermoto Pro-racers Casey Yarrow. He has always been someone I have looked up to throughout my racing career.

I got the holeshot and led the race for 8 laps with Yarrow on my back tire the whole time. One bobble on the dirt was all it took for Yarrow to pass on the outside and for me to go down. Fortunately I had enough time to recover and bring home a 2nd place finish.

The weather was great, the racing was exciting and all the supporters were awesome. Next race is at Prarie City in Sacramento, Calif., on 9/25-26. Hope to see you out there.

Ryan Kearns #990 Shift Racing


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