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Motorcycle Custom Paint

Colormania announced Cory Jahromi, head of Colormania’s design team and founder of Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s "Radical Color Shop," has a reputation for selling out his limited series custom paint sets.

He has created many designs and produced thousands of custom paint sets for H-D Motor Company and every single model sold out almost immediately. In fact, the demand for his work has been so overwhelming that Harley, in order to be fair to its dealers, had to develop a lottery system for dealerships to purchase Colormania-produced custom paint sets.

You would think that with demand for his work being so high, Jahromi would be content and selective. Well, it’s quite the opposite; for Colormania’s 20th anniversary and the introduction of its new 2011 line, the company is unveiling a new and universal collection for all motorcycle brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and of course, Harley-Davidson.

Early speculations suggest that the demand will exceed the series production and that bikers will want to complete their purchase even before the release.

Cory Jahromi says: "This is only the tip of the iceberg. To further my commitment to the motorcycle industry, Colormania will be supplying several promotional coupons to select organizations and authorized dealers worth $700 each, effectively allowing the consumer to receive a highly sought-after custom paint job that normally retails $1695 for only $995."

"This $700 savings will be an effort to help dealers increase floor traffic and boost sales with Colormania custom paint. Furthermore, this is Colormania’s way of supporting its most faithful clients in today’s tough economy. Call it a ‘Stimulus Package.’ There are thousands of new and used motorcycles out there that would sell faster with an alternative to the stock look, as well as hundreds of motorcycles that are in need of accident repairs. This program gives motorcyclists an inexpensive solution to help solve a real need. I’m not crazy with our low price promotion; I just see this as my way to give back to the industry I love so much."

Colormania has not published any images of the first model, but it is expected to feature classic ghost flames over a pearl black base, utilizing a special pigment that changes color depending on the view, angle and position of light source.

The flames will be changing color as you walk around the bike, while the deep black base color is softly sparkling in silver — a dramatic composition of a timeless design.

The first limited edition model is expected to become available in mid-September 2010, so hurry to your local motorcycle dealer; you might be able to have a glimpse, before they are all GONE.

Dealers that are not already authorized and are interested in becoming involved in this revolutionary business-building tool may contact Dennis Campbell at


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