Suzuki RM-Z250: Yoshimura Exhaust

Motorcycle Exhaust

The race-proven RS-4 exhaust system is the most advanced performance off-road exhaust Yoshimura has to offer, and that system is now available for 2010-11 Suzuki RM-Z250s.

The addition of an RS-4 exhaust system will give your Suzuki a great boost in power that you'll feel from right off idle all the way to redline.

The RS-4 features a unique duplex chamber design that delivers optimal noise reduction without impeding the flow of exhaust gasses.

This means you'll get more power without the excessive noise commonly associated with high performance exhaust systems. Noise levels can be further tuned through the use of the RS-4's interchangeable volume inserts, from the USFS approved insert to the AMA Pro Racing legal insert.

RS-4 exhausts also feature legendary Yoshimura build quality from high-grade materials that can take whatever you might throw at it and keep performing.

The RS-4 Slip-on is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum for strength and lightness, while the RS-4 Full System features stainless/aluminum, titanium/titanium or titanium/carbon finishes for that factory look.

Each RS-4 system also includes high-quality hardware and instructions for an easy installation.

RM-Z250 2010-11
RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Slip-On
P/N: 2183704
MSRP: $395.00

RM-Z250 2010-11
RS-4 Stainless/Aluminum Full System
P/N: 2183504
MSRP: $595.00

RM-Z250 2010-11
RS-4 Titanium/Titanium Full System
P/N: 2183167
MSRP: $945.00

RM-Z250 2010-11
RS-4 Titanium/Carbon Fiber Full System
P/N: 2183162
MSRP: $995.00


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