2010 Catalina Island Grand Prix


Motocross Racing

Once the biggest motorcycle race on the West Coast, the legendary Catalina Grand Prix is set to make history, again. California motorcycle enthusiast Vinnie Mandzak is totally committed to promoting the 2010 Catalina Island GP, as he has been since receiving authorization to produce “the most unique motorcycle race in 50 years.”

Vinnie Mandzak says: “Despite what a few naysayers may have said, there is no question in my mind that this race is happening this December. Our plans are moving forward and I can’t wait to watch the first wave of racers roll off the starting line on December 4th!”

By all indications, Mandzak has the cooperation from state and local government agencies, no small feat in itself. He also has the full support of the Catalina Island business community who recognize the event as a prime opportunity to share their little slice of heaven to a global audience of racers and fans.

A total of 800 motocross racers are expected to participate over two days of mx racing.

Vinnie Mandzak says: “We’ve done our homework and we are managing our event the correct way. I am 100% totally committed to 2010 Catalina Island Grand Prix.”

Race classifications and registration will be made available by mid-September at thecatalinagrandprix.com.