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Just in case there was a doubt in anyone’s mind about #1 Henry Wiles’ prowess on the venerable Peoria TT, the Monster Energy Kawasaki / Don’s Kawasaki backed Michigander dominated round 11 of the AMA Pro K&N Filters Grand National Championship presented by

The win is the sixth straight for Wiles at the Illinois venue as he closes in on the “Prince of Peoria” Chris Carr’s record of eight in a row.

Wiles had a perfect day, posting the fastest qualifying time, winning the fastest heat and leading all twenty five laps of the National. Winning by over 11 seconds over / Lucas Oil / Rogers Lake Racing’s #21 Jared Mees.

Henry Wiles says: “Today was just one of the days that I think even if I would have gotten a little behind, I could have came through real quick/ I think we had that much going on today.”

Any suspense was soon put to rest as the 18 rider National hit the first turn.

Henry Wiles says: “I got the perfect start and that always makes things easier. There’s a lot that can go wrong in this race. Fortunately the bike ran strong the whole time and there were no issues there mechanically. There were a few times, because the track was a little bit sketchy, the bike was stepping it out or tucking the front a little bit here and there. I kind of wanted to look back just to see how I was doing. I know I had more in reserve and I was just trying to ride a smart race. I wanted to know if someone was there and if I should wick it up a little bit. Fortunately I didn’t have to do that. We just rode a good race. The Monster Energy Kawasaki was running good today, that was probably the best bike we’ve had here yet.”

Mees locked into second and proceeded to have an easy way to his runner up spot, but the action swirling around the last podium spot went on well into the race. #10 Johnny Lewis, riding Mick Kirkness’ back-up Suzuki after his Scott Powersports Honda blew up during qualifying and #5 Jake Johnson (Zanotti Racing’s Honda) were having a great race between themselves when #7 Sammy Halbert charged by both of them on lap 20 of the 25 lap National.

Johnson was able to hang tight in fourth, with Lewis fifth, despite a late race challenge from #28 Shaun Russell and his Fox Valley Cycles / Greg Crow Racing backed Honda.

Two weeks ago #3 Joe Kopp and #2 Kenny Coolbeth were fighting over the win, this week it was a duel over seventh. Current Series points leader Latus Harley-Davidson / Moto Concepts’ Kopp once again came out on top of the Bettencourts’ Honda / Jason Perry backed Coolbeth.

Dave Burks Motorsports / Yeager’s Cycle’s Mick Kirkness and Chris carr Racing / Dallas Fort Worth Honda’s Chris Carr rounded out the top ten.

In the six-rider, four-lap Dash for Cash, Jake Johnson got the hole shot. That lasted one lap and would prove to be the only lap Henry Wiles would not lead all day. Just after the start-finish line Wiles roared into the lead and pulled to almost a second and a half lead over Johnson. Jared Mees was third over Joe Kopp, Shaun Russell and Johnny Lewis as they were all spaced about half a second apart.

Technical inspection following the Dash revealed that when Johnson put on a fresh rear tire for the race they used a CD5 Dunlop instead of the CD8 that is required. Johnson lost his three points and everyone moved up one position for that race.

JD Beach made a successful return to the Pro Singles Series after his road race injuries. The Red Bull / Top 1 Oil backed Honda rider took over after defending series Champion #1 Brad Baker had led the first lap on his Rod Lake / Mike Velasco backed Honda.

Baker would not go quietly though and actually retook the lead on lap 10 of the 12 lap race. It was not to be however as Beach was back in command for the last two laps.

Series points leader #24P Jeffery Carver finished over two seconds back, barely holding off #29Y Craig Rogers / Rod Lake’s Tyler O’Hara.

RESULTS: August 22, 2010

GNS DASH FOR CASH (4 laps; 6 riders): 1.Henry Wiles (Kaw); 2. Jared Mees (Hon); 3. Joe Kopp (Hon); 4. Shaun Russell (Hon); 5. Johnny Lewis (Suz); DSQ-Jake Johnson (Hon) (illegal tire).
Time: 1:48.359

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM MAIN (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Henry Wiles (Kaw); 2. Jared Mees (Hon); 3. Sammy Sweet (Yam); 4. Jake Johnson (Hon); 5. Johnny Lewis (Suz); 6. Shaun Russell (Hon); 7. Joe Kopp (Hon); 8. Kenny Coolbeth (Hon); 9. Mick Kirkness (Suz); 10. Chris Carr (Hon); 11. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 12. Matt Weidman (Hon); 13. Luke Gough (Yam); 14. Chad Cose (Hon); 15. Ion Stear (Hon); 16. JR Schnabel (Yam); 17. Aaron King (KTM); 18. Matt Burton.
Time: 10:53.840

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM POINT STANDINGS (After 11 of 17rounds): 1. Joe Kopp (208 pts / 3 wins); 2. Sammy Halbert (191 / 1 win); 3. Jake Johnson (190 / 2 wins); 4. Henry Wiles (188 / 4 wins); 5. Jared Mees (187); 6. Kenny Coolbeth (163); 7. Chris Carr (111); 8. Bryan Smith (101) 9. Johnny Lewis (82); 10. Rob Pearson (77); 11. Mick Kirkness (73); 12. Matt Weidman (71); 13. Jethro Halbert (57); 14. Stevie Bonsey (45 / 1 win); 15. Brandon Robinson (35); 16. Shaun Russell (33); 17. Luke Gough (32); 18. JR Schnabel (31); 19. Chad Cose (26); 20. PJ Jacobsen (19).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM SINGLES POINT STANDINGS (After 5 of 6 rounds): 1. Henry Wiles (113 pts / 3 wins); 2. Joe Kopp (Hon); 3. Jared Mees (90); 4. Jake Johnson (76); 5. Sammy Halbert (73 / 1 win); 6. Johnny Lewis (68); 7. Kenny Coolbeth (66); 8. Jethro Halbert (43); 9. Bryan Smith (41); 10. Mick Kirkness (39); 11. Chris Carr (36); 12. Shaun Russell (33); 13. Rob Pearson (30); 14. Matt Weidman (25); 15. JR Schnabel (19); 16. (TIE) Brandan Bergen / Don Mullen / Raun Wood (17); 19. Brandon Robinson (12); 20. Chad Cose (11).

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES MAIN (12 laps; 18 riders): 1. JD Beach (Hon); 2. Brad Baker (Hon); 3. Jeffery Carver (Yam); 4. Tyler O’Hara (Hon); 5. William Cato (Hon); 6. Kurtis Lee (Hon); 7. James Rispoli (Hon); 8. Andrew Smith (Hon); 9. Jake Shoemaker (Hon); 10. Mike Avila (Hon); 11. Mike Martin (Hon); 12. Ryan Foster (Hon); 13. Gerit Callies (Hon); 14. Adam Bushman (Hon); 15. Mike LaBelle (Hon); 16. Derek Hersh (Kaw); 17. Chaz Springsteen (Kaw); 18. Wyatt Maguire (Yam).
Time: 5:24.155

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 11 of 17 rounds): 1. Jeffery Carver (211 pts / 4 wins); 2. Brad Baker (183 / 3 wins); 3. James Rispoli (146); 4. Mike Avila (128); 5. Mike Martin (99); 6. JD Beach (95 / 3 wins); 7. Mike LaBelle (89); 8. Chaz Springsteen (81); 9. Jake Shoemaker (62); 10. Gerit Callies (48); 11. Tyler O’Hara (44); 12. Wyatt Maguire (43); 13. Michael Toon (38 / 1 win); 14. (TIE) William Cato / Jeremy Hamilton (37); 16. Zakk Palmer (36); 17. Shayna Texter (35); 18. Brandon Laursen (33); 19. (TIE) Stephen Vanderbuur / Adam Bushman (31).


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