KTM Race Service | Video

Motorcycle Video

Here’s a video displaying KTM Race Service, which is the guarantee that KTM riders competing in extreme Enduro events can concentrate on their racing, safe in the knowledge that their pure bred Orange machines are always going to be in perfect "Ready to Race" condition.

The KTM Race Service is your ticket to professional service in the paddock and that counts for a lot in the high adrenalin Enduro events. It also ensures that those who purchase the race package are fully ticketed member of the Orange Family because KTM understands that the motorcycles and products they manufacture transcend mere items to purchase.

Register for the race package and enjoy the confidence that when you’re on the track, the KTM crew are waiting in the paddock so that you get just the service and spares you need to get a top result.

Don’t be the ones left out when your rivals are getting the KTM royal treatment in the paddock ahead of the next day’s ride.