Aprilia RSV4: A Painting Parody | Video

Aprilia RSV4 Video

It’s obvious that the competition is fierce between the Aprilia RSV4 and BMW S1000RR motorcycles. But the Italian manufacturer has starting competing on a different level with a unique tool: parody.

Aprilia’s latest example on their YouTube channel is this video, which pokes some fun at BMW’s famous media of the old tablecloth trick. In BMW’s video, the S 1000 RR yanks a tablecloth from a dinning-room table filled with typical tableware.

Aprilia’s idea for the RSV4 superbike is a tad different. Here’s Aprilia’s commentary on the video, "Aprilia RSV4: An Expression of Winning":

"The Aprilia RSV4 is not a 182.5bhp paintbrush and the road is not its canvas. It doesn’t create paintings, it wins races. Nine victories so far this season, half the races it has entered. That puts Aprilia first in the World SBK Championship while the BMW S1000RR is second to last with less than half the points. Maybe BMW should put down that palette and pick up a V4?"

The question is, how will BMW respond?


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