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Just in from Compass Expeditions… We are pleased to announce our latest major motorcycle expedition, the 100-day "Road of Bones" expedition starting in London and ending in Magadan, Siberia.

While we remain leaders in small group shorter rides in Australia and South America, this region of the world remains important to us.

This ride across Siberia played a vital role in the formation of Compass Expeditions years ago, as we rode across this magnificent region of the world for our charity, Friedreich’s Ataxia Network. It remains at the very heart of our company.

This expedition comes with pre-ride training and the usual long list of inclusions that clients have come to expect when riding with Compass Expeditions.

Additionally this ride will be accompanied by a medico, mechanic as well as the usual ride leader, and is fully supported by a support vehicle.

Thanks to Ewan and Charley, this epic ride has become synonymous with adventure and achievement. We are excited to offer this fully supported ride amongst our stable of fine rides.

Far from being cobbled together from behind the screen of a computer, this ride comes with a wealth of experience as we have operated tours in Russia for many years for various other companies and have a strong network of contacts and friends from London to Magadan. Additionally we have ridden every kilometer of Europe, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia.

The Road of Bones has changed somewhat from what we have all seen on "The Long Way Round" not only is there an alternative route that has been designated as a Federal Road, we also travel in September ensuring that rivers will be their lowest, however rapid bridge building and highway construction is underway and it wont be too many more years before this iconic ride fades into adventure biking history.

The Road of Bones is just one small part of this incredible ride; let’s not forget the utter vastness of the Kazakh Steppe or the indescribable beauty and overwhelming silence of Mongolia.

This ride will travel the fabled storybook lands of the Silk Road visiting epic cities that once saw Genghis Khan and Tamerlame visit, cities such as Samarkand and Bukhara that haven’t changed all that much in centuries, its real travelling and brilliant stuff.

The seemingly never ending Taiga (forests) of Russia and riding into the legendary Red Square in Moscow, not to mention the tiny Russian outposts, that never make it onto any maps, all conspire to keep us amazed on a daily basis.

The overwhelming friendliness of the Ger dwelling locals and stunning alpine scenery of Kyrgyzstan make our ride through this magnificent land something we will never forget.

We haven’t forgotten Europe with its stunning Alps and postcard perfect valleys before the wonderful Turkey, destination of choice for countless conquerors.

The ride into Magadan is a moment that will stay with you forever; at times the journey shall be difficult, long and exhausting, however this isn’t an enduro event, their are numerous other operators that offer, flat out, nothing included, races across the world, we take our time to get the know the landscape and peoples with whom we visit.

We invite people to look at other long distance offerings and compare what is included and what is the pace set on the tour, maybe not that important while sitting at a computer, but utterly critical when on the road.

Join us on this wonderful ride across ¼ of the earths surface on your bike or ours, with the right kind of support this ride is do-able for anyone with the most minimal amount of off-road experience.

Far from a throw away marketing line, "the moment you ride into Magadan is inspirational, moving stuff, you will NEVER forget it, that’s our promise.


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