Yoshimura: Hangtown Motocross Report

Motocross Report

Yoshimura riders were on the podium in both classes they competed in on Saturday at the first round of AMA Motocross racing at Hangtown in Rancho Cordova, California.

Davi Millsaps made his intentions of being a contender in the 2010 season known as he put himself on the podium in each moto and rode to a third-place overall finish in the hotly contested 450 class.

Ashley Fiolek, the defending Women's Class Champion, was on the podium after both motos and finished third overall in the Women's class.

Davi Millsaps shot out from the start and settled into second place in Moto 1 of the 450 class. He stayed up front for the entire race, slipping to third just before the checkered flag.

His Yoshimura-powered Honda CRF450 had plenty of power on the track's elevation changes and worked well throughout the moto.

Moto 1 didn't go as easily for Yoshimura's Ryan Dungey and Andrew Short, though. Short fell near the start of the race and worked his way back up from last place to finish 15th.

Dungey also had a rough start and stalled his bike, working his way up from near 20th place to finish in 10th. Matt Moss, in his U.S. racing debut, had some issues as well in Moto 1.

Moss missed the entire Supercross season due to injuries sustained at the end of last year, and he has not fully recovered. He finished Moto 1 in 27th place.

In Moto 2 of the 450 class, Millsaps again had plenty of power and pull, putting himself near the front of the pack. His bike kept the other racers at bay and Millsaps cruised across the finish line in second place.

He landed on the podium after all the points were tallied with his 3-2 finishes, putting him in third overall.

Andrew Short had a better time in Moto 2 and came across the finish in fifth place, with Ryan Dungey right behind him in sixth.

Short ended his day in 10th overall, and Dungey ended up 8th overall. Moss had a run-in with another rider in the second moto and finished the day in 33rd place overall.

In the Women's Class, Ashley Fiolek came out of the starting gate ready to race. She took third in Moto 1 against a class of very talented female racers.

In the second moto, Fiolek improved her results by taking second in the race and ended up third overall for the day.

Overall Results | 450 Class
1. Chad Reed
2. Mke Alessi
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Brett Metcalfe
5. Josh Grant
6. Ben Townley
7. Ryan Sipes
8. Ryan Dungey
9. Ken DeDycker
10. Andrew Short

Overall Results | Women's Moto Class
1. Jessica Patterson
2. Tarah Geiger
3. Ashley Fiolek
4. Vicki Golden
5. Alexah Pearson
6. Sara Price
7. Sayaka Kaneshiro
8. Elizabeth Bash
9. Mariana Balbi
10. Tatum Sik


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