2010 Honda RC212V | Technical Overview

Repsol MotoGP

The latest development of Dani Pedrosa’s Honda RC212V enhances power delivery, increases traction and varies its performance on entering turns.

This season, Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso have a new version of the Repsol Honda RC212. The development of the machine that made its debut in 2007 and which is about to start its fourth World Championship has little in common with the one that opened the era of the 800cc. Improvements like the suspension, chassis and also the engine should allow the Repsol riders to fight for victory race to race.

The most significant improvements are in the suspension, which this season; have been changed to Öhlins, the brand that Andrea Dovizioso was already testing in the final stint of last season. With this change, the Repsol riders have managed to get much more out of the power of the Honda RC212V, as it has significantly improved traction, allowing them to get more out of the power of the engine.

To do this, the electronics have also been developed through new improvements that allow smoother delivery of the engine power. With over 210 hp, the Honda RC212V engine has proved to be one of the most powerful on the grid. The Repsol Honda Team riders can control the level of power at the touch of a button on the left semi-handlebar, which allows them to choose from 3 power delivery curve options, that is, the force with which the engine transmits its energy to the wheels.

From the handlebars, the riders can also control the front brake pressure, which increases as the race advances and the heat reduces the efficiency of the system, as well as enabling the speed limiter when entering the pit lane or controlling the engine temperature and lap times using a digital screen.

The changes made to the RC212V 2010 aim to make the most of every key component in MotoGP races, such as the Bridgestone tires. The machine was originally designed around the tires being used at the time, Michelin, but with the switch to Bridgestone, the initial concept of the RC212V had to be modified in order to make the most of the advantages of the brand, which since last year offers all riders the same options.

These tires have two different parts, the centre; sufficiently rigid to take the pressure when accelerating and braking, and the sidewalls; softer for more grip and speed in the turns.

Just hours from the start of the first Grand Prix of the season, Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso have two units of the Honda RC212V 2010 each in their garage; a machine that is constantly evolving and that will continue to do so to allow the Repsol riders to reach the top step of the podium.


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