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Motorcycle Race Summary 

SCORE released the official results of the San Felipe 250 after the final completion of the motorcycle racing data tracking device review.

Earning the overall motorcycle victory this year was the Johnny Campbell Racing team of Colton Udall and Jeff Kargola of San Clemente, California. They divided up the riding on the JCR Honda CRF450X to a winning time of 4:38:59, averaging 53.34mph over the brutally tough course.

Kawasaki KX450F vehicles completed the motorcycle podium, as SCORE Baja stars Robby Bell and Steve Hengeveld were second while third was the brother team of Ryan and Connor Penhall of Corona, California.

Bell and Hengeveld, both former Honda factory riders, finished the race four minutes, five seconds behind Udall’s JCR Honda team.

Creative veteran age group motorcycle rider Jim O’Neal, 63, Simi Valley, Calif., won Class 50 for motorcycle riders over 50 years old and was a co-rider for Donald Lewis on the Class 60 winning team, adding two more to his race-record 12 class wins in San Felipe.

Splitting the riding on a Honda CRF450X with O’Neal in Class 50, who also finished second in Class 30 on another of his talented team, was Doug Heil, Monrovia, Calif./Andy Kirker, Santa Ana, Calif./Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii.

Winning Class 60 for the third time in four years, Lewis, Marlborough, Conn., had help from not only O’Neal this year, but other co-riders Sam Dempsey, Lake Balboa, Calif./Bob Gates, Hesperia, Calif./Mike Harper, Landers, Calif.

Among the other motorcycle class winners were teams led by Jason Trubey, Henderson, Nev. (Class 20, Honda CRF250X), Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Louie Franco, Sherman Oaks, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X) and Adam Neuwirth, Los Angeles (Class 21, Honda CRF450X.



COLTON UDALL, No. 3x (First in class and first motorcycle to finish. Udall started and rode to race mile 30, Jeff Kargola rode from mile 30 to 146 and Udall rode from mile 146 to the finish.)

Colton Udall Quote

"Hopefully, I can get a lot more (wins). I’m really excited right now. It’s been a long time coming and I’m really happy. We just rode a good race today and our competitors made mistakes and had mechanical issues and we just rode a great race. I have to thank JCR Honda the most. There isn’t a better team coordinator, team owner than Johnny Campbell – period. It was rough out there. For the most part, everything went flawless. I nailed all my lines, got everything perfect and avoided the huge rocks. Ox (Jeff Kargola) rode great, too, and the bike was perfect."

ROBBY BELL, No. 2x (Second in class, second overall motorcycle. Bell started and rode to mile 30. Steve Hengeveld rode from mile 30 to 150 and Bell rode from mile 150 to the finish.)

Robby Bell Quote

"It started off pretty well. We made it through the first 30 without any problems – not even any close calls. Then I gave the bike to Steve (Hengeveld) at mile 30 and about two miles in, he got a flat tire and had to ride it about the next 46 miles with a flat, so that set us way back. Without that, it could have been a close race. It was pretty rough out there. On Monday, (the course) was lovely…but today, it was very rough from all the pre-running."


JASON TRUBEY, No. 153x (First in class and eighth overall motorcycle. Carl Maasberg rode the first 30 miles, Trubey rode from mile 30 to 80, Maasberg rode from mile 80 to 175 and Trubey rode from mile 175 to the finish.)

Jason Trubey Quote

"I got lost coming in and had to turn around. I got lost a few times – no pre-running doesn’t work down here. But other than that, the bike ran great and handled decent. Overall, it was a good day and I thank Carl (Maasberg) for coming down with me and I thank SCORE for putting on the race. We had no major problems and the bike ran good. Carl did the dirty work out there – I think he passed about 15 bikes on his second ride and I just charged as hard as I could."


FRANCISCO SEPTIEN, No. 306x (First in class and fourth overall motorcycle. Shane Esposito started and rode it to race mile 30. Septien rode from mile 30 to 94. Gerardo Rojas rode from mile 94 to 150, Esposito rode from 150 to 213 and Septien rode from 213 to the finish.)

Francisco Septien Quote

"It was real good. We managed to keep second behind (Jim) O’Neal for the last 200 miles and I just caught him around mile 220 and got to the finish first. But we struggled with those guys; they’re good riders. This is a motocross bike, so in the fast section, I couldn’t go that fast so I just keep it steady. But it worked real well in the washes. Finally! The last two San Felipe races, we didn’t finish. We were winning for the first 200 miles and then blew up the bike. So, thank God for this win."


LOUIE FRANCO, No. 402x (First in class and seventh overall motorcycle. Franco shared riding duties with Brett Helm, Jeff Kaplan and Ricky Johnson.)

Ricky Johnson Quote

"The race was great. I love the fact that we were in a race (with the No. 406x). These (Class) 40 guys are no slouches – they really haul it. This track is a beater – it’s a rider’s track. You can try to do your setup but you have whoops, you have sand, you have unbelievable rock whoops, a sand wash with rocks in it, you have hardpack … you have everything. Honestly, this is probably the one race I never wanted to race but I couldn’t be happier for my team. I’m stoked."


JIM O’NEAL, No. 500x (First in class. O’Neal rode the last 20 miles and shared riding duties with Doug Heil, Andy Kirker, Tim Withers and Jeff Kaplan. O’Neal also rode on the winning Class 60 team and the second-place Class 30 team.)

Jim O’Neal Quote

"It was a great course, really rough, really challenging. I rode all 23 of (the previous MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 races) and I think this is the roughest. This (win) is pretty good but we messed up on the 30 class. We had it and then we had a crash and I lost a couple of minutes and then another guy crashed. It’s a tough race – really, really tough. I rode on the 500x, the (302x in Class) 30 and the (608x in Class) 60 so I’ve kind of been getting around a bit today. I’m just real disappointed in the (Class) 30 because that’s the premiere team and that’s the one I didn’t ride the best and we had problems."


DONALD LEWIS, No. 608x (First in class. Lewis shared riding duties with Sam Dempsey, Bob Gates, Mike Harper and Jim O’Neal.)

Donald Lewis Quote

"We had a problem – it’s too long to talk about – but it cost us about a half an hour. It was a wonderful ride, but we really blew it. It was really fast and I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope we won and if we did, I’ll take first place any way I can get it."

24th MasterCraftSafety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250
Round two of 2010 SCORE Desert Series
March 13, 2010 – San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico 

Baja 250 Pro Motorcycles Winners

1982–Bob Balentine, Honda XR500 (Class 22)
1983–Jack Johnson, Honda XR500 (Class 22)
1984–Dan Smith/Dan Ashcraft, Husqvarna CR500 (Class 22)
1990–Dan Smith/Danny Hamel, KTM (Class 22)
1991–Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicut Jr, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1992–Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicut Jr, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1993–Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1994–Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1995–Danny Hamel, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1996–Paul Krause, Kawasaki KX500 (Class 22)
1997–Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
1998–Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
1999–Johnny Campbell/Cole Marshall, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
2000–Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab, Honda XR650 (Class 22)
2001–Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2002–Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2003–Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2004–Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell, Honda XR650R (Class 22)
2005–Chris Blais/Andy Grider/Quinn Cody, KTM MXC525 (Class 22)
2006–Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2007–Robby Bell/Kendall Norman, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2008–Robby Bell/Johnny Campbell, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2009-Kendall Norman/Timmy Weigand, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)
2010-Colton Udall/Jeff Kargola, Honda CRF450X (Class 22)