Cobra Bluetooth Headset | Review

Bluetooth Headset

This Cobra Deluxe Bluetooth Headset is a great addition to your mobile phone for any motorcyclist. It has a long talk time and can be on standby for up to 150 hours. It lasts all day and stayed charge even on my longest motorcycle road trips.

Charging time is very fast, within less than 3 hours. The earpiece flips over so that you can switch ears should you need to. After using a number of different Bluetooth headsets I found the clarity of this headset to be one of the more superior. To pick up and end calls you simply press the button on the front with the phone icon.

Volume is easily adjusted up and down on the side of the headset. To pair the headset you can switch it on and off by holding down the phone icon button for a small amount of time and it will switch itself on or off depending on the current mode.

Hands-free voice dialing also works on this headset. This headset allows for call muting, call waiting, transferring a call and last number redial.

You may be wondering why we reviewed this on a motorcycling site but we wanted a headset that was able to cut through the background noise of the sportbikes and cruisers firing-up opened exhaust in the background.

V-twin or screaming inline-four, the Cobra does quite a nice job of ignoring the noise at the loudest cafes and even out at the local motocross track.


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