Icon Airframe Street Angel | Review

Motorcycle Helmet

Icon’s new Airframe motorcycle helmets have arrived at dealerships just in time the motorcycling season. As a female looking for a foremost lid, the Icon Airframe Street Angel caught my attention. The graphics are valiant, the feminine colors are dazzling and the fit is secure.

Actually, this moderately priced motorcycle helmet is rather comfortable relative to others I have worn. For my small head, the XS size fits perfectly snug while the inner liner is soft against my face. I was glad to see the hydra comfort fit liner in black as my make-up easily marked-up my last helmet.

The interior HydraDry moisture wicking material is used throughout the interior comfort liner make this helmet exceptionally comfortable. This system "wicks" away moisture and allows it to evaporate. All liners on the helmet are removable and are decorated with graphics inline with the outside of the helmet. 

Constructed from a fiberglass, Dyneema (a synthetic fiber, stronger than steel and Kevlar), and carbon fiber shell, the helmet was aerodynamically engineered, tested and refined in a wind tunnel. This was apparent while riding, as the helmet seems to slice through the air.

The SuperVent System flows air through 9 separate channels giving a pleasant cooling effect inside the lid. The front 20mm port intakes air and forces the old helmet air out of the 35mm exhaust ports near the integrated air diffuser wing. The well-ventilated lower air intake helps with my claustrophobia and also to prevent fogging.

I ordered an additional face shield with RST mirror coating for additional light protection and added look. Following the Icon shield replacement instructions, I was able remove and replace the shield and graphic side plates in less than 5 minutes. The mirror shield really added to the look of the helmet but I am cautious of changing in and out visors, as my previous mirrored shields have easily scratched.

A great feature of the Icon is that the cheek pads are customizable with interchangeable colors. This also made it easy to un-tuck the sides, pop-off the snaps and secure my Cardo Scala Bluetooth headset earphones. I also mounted the main unit on the side of the helmet with relative ease.

In summary, the stylish Airframe Street Angel motorcycle helmet gets the job done in ventilation, comfort and fit. The helmet comes in the pink shown here and also in black. Many replacement parts are available should something be needed.

This Icon helmet meets many of the world’s motorcycle safety standards including; DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and SG (Japan) but does not include a Snell rating.


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