MotoCzysz launches Electric Digital Drive System

MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve System

MotoCzysz announces the most integrated electric drive available. The first product from a family of integrated drives being developed by MotoCzysz is designed and engineered specifically for high performance electric motorcycles. The eDD system integrates advanced technologies with new proprietary industry first solutions. For individuals, teams and companies interested in building a high performance electric motorcycle, the new MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve system is the most advanced integrated electric drive system available.

MotoCzysz offers the eMoto2 solution: MotoCzysz power, your imagination
Class leading, electric drive systems are rapidly moving beyond the resources available to individuals and small teams, but the vision and ability to build a next generation e motorcycle has not. With the MotoCzysz eDD system an individual or team can use their imagination and build a highly competitive proprietary race bike or utilize parts from a donor bike to build the electric motorcycle of their dreams.

The MotoCzysz LQ (liquid cooled) IPM (internal permanent magnet) 75kW/100hp electric motor is one of the highest torque/density motors in the industry (250+ft/lbs/340+Nm continuous 77lbs/35kg). The IPM solution generates more torque while being more efficient than any comparably sized AC induction motor. The MotoCzysz patent pending cooling system elevates the motor’s nominal power output closer to the motor’s peak power output. The MotoCzysz motor can deliver a continuous 75kW (100hp) and is 93% efficient under continuous heavy load (140C). The motor is available to accommodate either right or left hand chain drive.

The MotoCzysz LQ 240V 85kW Controller is specifically optimized for the motor, in both function and packaging. Accepting 240V and 350+ amps the sealed Controller contains ALL the high voltage components and plugs directly into the motor, resulting in a nearly completely wireless (high voltage) system. The Controller receives battery motor and rider command data and adjusts current accordingly. The Controller software has multiple embedded maps for setting or customizing functions like torque contouring and overall power settings.

Batteries, ESS
MotoCzysz is currently the only EV manufacturer utilizing a functioning ‘hot swap’ battery solution and the MotoCzysz eDD system incorporates the latest generation. The new D1g1tal battery pack utilizes high density, high discharge LiPo (Lithium Polymer) cells. Each pack is embedded with monitoring capability that sends vital data wirelessly via IR (infrared) to a DVMS (d1g1tal Vehicle Management System) and ultimately to the Controller. Additionally, each battery pack houses an LED display that indicates the overall pack as well as individual cell group data.

Each MotoCzysz (patent pending) D1g1tal Battery pack weighs less than 18lbs and effortlessly "snaps" into the "suitcase" chassis. The "suitcase" holds 8 battery packs for a total ESS (energy storage system) of 10kWh.

MotoCzysz has designed the "suitcase" chassis to optimize the ESS mass location and vehicle’s overall on board energy density. The chassis accommodates virtually any modern double sided swingarm from a 1,000cc motorcycle. The suitcase also ships with a matching top plate for the mounting/fabrication of a new or existing front end.

MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve Specifications:

Voltage 240V+
Power 75kW/100hp (continuous)
Weight 77lbs/35kg (complete with pump and plates/mounts)
Diameter 254mm/10″
Width 190mm/7.5″
Cooling liquid (oil)
Efficiency 93% (under continuous load at 2X 70c operating temp)

Voltage 240V
Current 335A
Power 85kWh
Weight 17lbs/7.7kg
LxWxH 335×205x90mm/13.2×8.0×3.5″
Cooling Liquid (water)
Efficiency 95%

Battery Pack: individual
Voltage 29.6 (nominal)
Capacity 40Ah
Weight 17.5 lbs/8kg
Energy Storage 1.25kWh (1.2kWh nominal)
Discharge 10c peak
High voltage direct contact to buss
Low Voltage Data Link via infrared
Hot swap yes
Voltage monitoring yes
Thermal monitoring yes
Digital status readout yes
Alarm status LED’s yes

Total ESS:
Voltage 240V
Capacity 40Ah
Weight 140lbs (17.5lbs X 8) /63.5kg
Energy storage 10kWh (9.6kWh nominal)

Complete eDD System:
Total Weight 255lbs/115kg
Total Length 635mm/25″
Total Width 320mm/12.5″
Total Height 675mm/26.5″

Complete Electrical D1g1tal Dr1ve System W/ 10kWh ESS $42,500 *
(motor, controller, suitcase chassis, 8 battery packs)

Complete Electrical D1g1tal Dr1ve System W/O ESS $24,500
(motor, controller, suitcase chassis)

Fill the Grid
In an effort to support and assist electric racing around the world, MotoCzysz and their partners have developed the "Fill the Grid" program. The first 15 teams to purchase an eDD systems for competition will receive a $10,000 MotoCzysz sponsorship. The sponsorship reduces the cost of the complete eDD system to $32,500. We believe in and support electric solutions as a way to preserve what is very important to us-RACING.
Be a MotoCzysz factory supported team and Fill the Grid.

Note: Michael Czysz uses the eDD on his 2010 E1pc D1g1tal Superbike as well.


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