Ryan Dungey survives San Diego Supercross

SX Race Report

The fifth round of the AMA / FIM Supercross Championship got under way with a serious threat of rain over San Diego. The Dirt Wurx crew had secured the track at Qualcomm Stadium under plastic as the rain poured down most of the day.

Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s rookie star Ryan Dungey started off early grabbing the fastest time in practice by almost a second. The gauntlet was thrown down and the other riders were left trying to figure out how to make up eight tenths of a second.

Dungey lined up for heat two with a slick track and deep ruts facing him. At the start, it was Dungey into the first turn, but coming out Kevin Windham cut inside him for the lead exiting turn one. Dungey had to settle into second for lap one. The track was really tricky and both Windham and Dungey were being a little careful. Dungey applied pressure the whole race and passed Windham on the next to last lap and rode to the win.

Ryan Dungey Speaks…

"I was being patient," explained Dungey. "Kevin was riding really good, and I waited for a mistake. He lost traction coming up to the triple and that gave me the momentum to pass."

"That was a difficult race!" Dungey said after the main event. "I was feeling good and was excited for the Main, but after I fell down it was a lot of work to get towards the front. It’s a long season though and we did a good job minimizing the damage. It’s good to leave San Diego with the points lead still in hand, and I look forward to Anaheim Three."

The rain was off and on and by the time the main event rolled around. The riders had to be very precise as the ruts were deep, and cross-rutting was a distinct possibility. A little track maintenance was done before the start of the Main and the surface was responding well. A downpour swept through the stadium ten minutes before the start of the race just to add some drama, but by the Main, it was a pretty good track. The San Diego fans would be rewarded for their dedication.

Before the start, the track crew scraped the start, and moved some dirt around in an effort to improve conditions. At the start Dungey’s Suzuki RM-Z450 charged out in the lead snagging the holeshot but quickly fell going into the first turn.

Roger DeCoster Speaks…

"In the Main, Ryan got the start but in the first turn he hit a slick spot… the track crew had moved some dirt around and Ryan hit a slick spot with loose dirt on top of hard dirt… both wheels let loose at once and he went down."

"We have the points lead and it’s a long season. Ryan is clearly fast, and there is still a long way to go".

Uninjured, Dungey picked up his bike and got going. He started out after the crash almost dead last. More importantly, his radiator had been "holed" in the mishap causing coolant to rapidly pour form the damaged component. Ryan now had to charge forward and try to pass roughly 17 riders. Before the first lap was over, another challenge faced Dungey. Trying to make a pass, he fell over in a corner, losing even more valuable ground.

Once back up and running, Ryan put his head down and started picking off riders one by one. With steam coming from his injured motorcycle, Ryan never gave up and by the mid way point he had passed his way up to tenth place, but there was still a long way to go, and his bike was now rapidly running out of coolant.

By the checkers Ryan had passed his way all the way up to 6th place! What made the accomplishment even more memorable was the fact that there was no coolant in his bike at all for the last half of the race. The bike steadily lost power as it was grossly overheated, but somehow finished; a testament to the durability of the Suzuki RM-Z450 engine.

Crowd: 51, 843, Weather: Wet, Lap Record: 0’47.448 (James Stewart, 01/01/2006), Last Years Winner: James Stewart

2010 AMA Supercross Class Results: San Diego
1) Davi Millsaps, Murrieta, Calif., Honda
2) Josh Hill, Yoncalla, Ore., Yamaha
3) Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha
4) Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, Wash., Kawasaki
5) Justin Brayton, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha
6) Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki
7) Tommy Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Suzuki
8) Grant Langston, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha
9) Nick Wey, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki
10) Kyle Chisholm, Valrico, Fla., Yamaha

2010 AMA Supercross Class Season Standings
1) Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, Minn., Suzuki, 105
2) Josh Hill, Yoncalla, Ore., Yamaha, 101
3) Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, Wash., Kawasaki, 95
4) Davi Millsaps, Murrieta, Calif., Honda, 82
5) Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha, 77
6) Justin Brayton, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha, 72
7) Andrew Short, Smithville, Texas, Honda, 69
8) Kevin Windham, Centerville, Miss., Honda, 66
9) Tommy Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Suzuki, 56
10) James Stewart, Haines City, Fla., Yamaha, 51

2010 Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Results: San Diego
1) Jake Weimer, Rupert, Idaho, Kawasaki
2) Cole Seely, Newbury Park, Calif., Honda
3) Wil Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Honda
4) Max Anstie, Hemet, Calif., Yamaha
5) Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Yamaha
6) Trey Canard, Shawnee, Okla., Honda
7) Phil Nicoletti, Bethel, N.Y., KTM
8) P.J. Larsen, Murrieta, Calif., KTM
9) Blake Wharton, Pilot Point, Texas, Honda
10) Chris Gosselaar, Spring Valley Lake, Calif., Honda

2010 Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Season Standings

1) Jake Weimer, Rupert, Idaho, Kawasaki, 122
2) Trey Canard, Shawnee, Okla., Honda, 96
3) Wil Hahn, Decatur, Texas, Honda, 94
4) Broc Tickle, Holly, Mich., Yamaha, 78
5) Cole Seely, Newbury Park, Calif., Honda, 76
6) Blake Wharton, Pilot Point, Texas, Honda, 71
7) Max Anstie, Hemet, Calif., Yamaha, 63
8) Josh Hansen, Elbert Colo., Kawasaki, 56
9) Jeff Alessi, Murrieta, Calif., Yamaha, 45
10) Ryan Morais, Murrieta, Calif., Suzuki, 42

Supercross Round 6 goes back to the Angel Stadium, Anaheim (3) California next week for the third and final visit of the 2010 calendar.