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Women’s Street Apparel

Shift motorcycle gear has been around since 1997. I always remember them as a motocross company but over the years they have grown into an international brand with a wide range of apparel for both off-road and street. Shift has a fresh and stylish performance-oriented product line. The Shift motorcycle gear designs are young while the materials and advanced construction methods provide good quality at a reasonable price. I recently reviewed the latest women’s jacket, jeans and gloves for Ultimate Motorcycling.

Shift Tempest Women’s Mesh Jacket

The jacket is sculptured to fit the waistline giving it a mandatory feminine look. The 100% polyester main fabric body construction is durable and has resisted stains through many rides. Should you get too hot the wind-block inner lining is detachable. The fit is extremely comfortable and does not feel like an armored jacket although the shoulder and elbow protection is removable.

A waterproof mid-liner thankfully remains untested by me but if it rains it is always nice to have that extra stay dry layer. The zip pockets on the jacket close over as you zip up and zip down to prevent water from seeping inside. Deep pockets are easily accessed and zips won’t pinch your skin (unlike some other brands).

It has a waist belt adjustment and an integrated pocket for a back protector, although I always opt for my own separate back protector. The reflective piping gives additional visibility, which has been proven to lower the chance of collision. With a gray overlay print this jacket is a welcome addition to any ladies fashion motorcycle wardrobe.

Shift Silhouette Woman’s Street Jeans

Concerned with wearing my designer denim jeans on the motorcycle, I was pleased to learn that the Shift jeans are Kevlar reinforced. The jeans are designed with a series of panels on the hip, knee and backside for anti-rip protection. They feel durable and would provide a higher level of abrasion resistance and protection if required.

Shift offers the jeans in two stylish washes – dark indigo and light indigo. The jeans are comfortable and I fit them to give me plenty of room to wear thermals underneath. The length is good and the pockets are deep. They look great and easily fit over a set of motorcycle boots.

The material is comfortable to wear and they washed up great. These street jeans have added stitch detail and an enhanced 5-pocket design. These pants are both relaxed and stylish while providing additional safety–a welcome addition to any collection of motorcycle gear.

Shift Empire Women’s Leather Gloves

These long gauntlet-style leather gloves fit so perfectly. I have long slender hands and they really have a snug fit that feels tailor-made for a woman. The knuckles are heavily protected with molded polycarbonate for impact and abrasion resistance.

They are attractive to look at and match the Tempest Shift Jacket perfectly. The backs of the gloves have a unique design in that they offer maximum flexibility with an open-back knuckle panel. For added safety, the gloves have reinforced leather padding on the palm with premium leather finger sidewalls.

The gloves do up with a zipper and a Velcro overlay. The gauntlets fit over the jacket arms to keep wind from blowing up your sleeves. These gloves maximize your overall feel on the grips. It is nice to have a product designed and tailored to fit a woman so snugly.