Anaheim 2 Supercross rain or shine

There are a lot of heroes in Supercross. And like any sport there are a lot of unseen heroes in the sport, as was witnessed at Anaheim 2. Kudos really needs to go out to the track crew that managed to salvage what might have been a disastrous mud fight Saturday night for the round 3 of the 2010 Monster Energy AMA / FIM Supercross series.

Following torrential rain the week leading up to the event, most predicted an absolute mud bath. However, the track builder and crew anticipated this and got to work prepping, covering, draining and working the dirt. They re-shaping the track and amazingly, by race time Saturday night, the surface was as close to perfect as it could be, given the circumstances.

So, a personal thank you and a deserving applause for the people who worked in the slop and mud all the week to ensure the Supercross event didn’t turn into a mud fest. As well, many (but not all) of the riders appreciated the effort.


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